How Wi-Fi Advertising Can Help Your Business

How Wi-Fi Advertising Can Help Your Business featured image

In today’s digital age, you can pretty much guarantee that when a customer visits your location, they are going to pull out their phone or other smart device in search of a Wi-Fi connection. This presents a great opportunity for Wi-Fi advertising. The instant a user connects, this is your opportunity to present them with your business’ latest product or service on the platform where people spend the bulk of their time, their smart devices. The exchange is beneficial for all involved. Promoting your business on the login screen displays the ad or offer prior to the user getting free Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi advertising is used by a variety of different industries including travel, hospitality, and retail.

Here are some advantages to using Wi-Fi advertising:

  • Organizations have the chance to gather the customer’s contact information for follow-up and future correspondence
  • The landing page for the Wi-Fi is the first point of contact with the customer before they reach the Internet. It provides the chance to provide an impressive first image of the organization
  • The brand message being conveyed by the organization cannot be missed as it is delivered directly to the user’s device
  • Organizations have a unique opportunity to increase customer engagement by offering discounts, special offers, or unique products.

There are several options available for Wi-Fi advertising. The team at  GoZone Wi-Fi is here to help you understand your options and develop a custom advertising plan that is effective in reaching different audiences and growing your customer base.

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