What is WiFi Advertising?

From neighborhood coffee shops to sports stadiums that can seat an entire community, guests and customers demand WiFi pretty much everywhere these days. WiFi advertising allows you to present these engaged audiences with content, promotions and other brand messaging. WiFi advertising can also offset the infrastructure cost of supporting all that "free" guest WiFi.

How Can Advertising On WiFi Help My Business?

Wi-Fi advertising is used by a variety of different industries including travel, hospitality, and retail. On the surface, it may seem like the only advantage to WiFi advertising is getting your ads in front of your customers. That’s the obvious and most direct use. However, there are several unstated benefits that should not go unrecognized, as they could be the factors that edge out your competition.

Advantages to Using a WiFi Advertising Platform:

gather customer contact info icon

Gather customer contact information for follow-up and future correspondence.

increase customer engagement icon
earn direct revenue icon

Increase customer engagement by offering discounts, special offers, or unique products.

Earn direct revenue every time a guest connects.*

*Direct revenue earned via hosting ad network through your guest WiFi platform.

The potential of WiFi advertising crosses every industry. A large healthcare complex can offset the infrastructure cost of their guest WiFi by offering WiFi advertising while gathering rich presence analytics to improve patient outcome and guest and patient experience.

Imagine a weekend music festival providing guest WiFi brought to you by the festival's signature sponsor. It's possible with WiFi advertising. If an event includes free WiFi, WiFi advertising should be included as part of the premium sponsorship tiers.

As colleges become contained communities, WiFi advertising can offset costs and increase revenue for the school while allowing vendors within the campus to advertise. Extra credit: All those WiFi hotspots are great for WiFi analytics, which helps universities and colleges better track student traffic patterns.

How Does WiFi Advertising Software Drive Revenue?

The landing page for your guest Wi-Fi is the first point of contact before a customer reaches the internet. It is an impressive piece of digital advertising real estate. Organizations can use this space to promote their own brand or earn revenue by offering this space up to non-competitive advertising partners. Your WiFi advertising enables advertisers to reach a highly engaged mobile audience, and you earn revenue every time someone connects.

Beyond the incremental revenue, WiFi advertising helps enterprise venues and organizations offset the infrastructure costs associated with providing free guest WiFi. In this context, WiFi advertising more than pays for itself.

How Does WiFi Advertising Software Work?

WiFi advertising is based upon proximity. As long as someone’s close enough to find your WiFi on their network list, they will have the opportunity to connect and then be served your ads. This means that they don’t necessarily have to enter your business – they could be next door or across the street, depending on how powerful your WiFi signal is.

Benefits of Proximity Advertising

You need to promote your business all the time. By showing people details about your business when they connect to your WiFi, you build up your reputation. It’s all part of your branding – and you get more subscribers at the same time. This gives you a way of telling more people about you and being able to connect with them again and again.

Venues We Serve

smart cities icon

Smart Cities & Communities

Get to know who’s visiting and foster relationships with residents.

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Sports & Entertainment

Drive revenue through sponsor ad placement and delivery over WiFi.

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Food & Hospitality

Grow social following, customer loyalty and user reviews.

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Travel & Transportation

Analyze traveler data and send targeted, timely messages to remain top of mind.

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Retail & Services

Boost sales with automated promotions and redeemable coupons.

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Festivals & Events

Connect with audiences in real-time with branded and sponsored content.

Why GoZone WiFi?

You own your data.

We believe data is a trusted contract between you and your customers. GoZone WiFi will never use, sell or manipulate your data in any way.

Unmatched customer service.

Our entire US-based customer service and support team is here for you. Your dedicated account manager will help you get setup and answer any questions you have.

Scalable options.

Needs change as a business grows. Our plans and pricing are built to grow with you.

Experience and proven success.

We were innovating digital solutions for businesses back when internet was dial-up. Our leadership team brings over 30 years of experience and success.

Hardware neutral platforms.

Your business needs aren’t one-size-fits-all. Neither are our platforms. Get started quickly with our hardware neutral platforms.

We're human.

More than just another vendor, our team acts as a dedicated business partner committed to your success.

Do I Need Additional WiFi Infrastructure?

GoZone’s platforms are hardware neutral. What does that mean? If you’re already using any of the below Smart WiFi compatible equipment, you’re all set.

Compatible WiFi Controllers:

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Cisco Meraki logo
Aerohive logo

More integrations coming soon.

How Much Does a WiFi Advertising System Cost?

The costs of WiFi marketing automation software and WiFi advertising plans vary greatly. Once you see the potential ROI of WiFi advertising, we think you’ll see a WiFi advertising plan as less as a cost and more as a profit center.

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