Reports Job for WiFi Analytics

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Analytics4WiFi Version 1.13: Report Jobs

Creating Report Jobs

You decide what data to consider, and when, with our new Report feature. Reports can now be customized, scheduled in advanced, and emailed directly to you on an ongoing basis. Create as many Report Jobs as you like to make the best use out of the powerful presence data available within Analytics4WiFi.


With Report Jobs, you can receive a regular cadence of customized reports on the data that matters most to you. For example, create a Traffic Report to see how many guests are visiting a location at certain points of the day. The Presence Report is great for understanding and managing areas with high (or low) foot traffic. The Hotspot Report provides quick insight into guest behavior – new vs. returning guests. Simply select ‘Jobs’ under the ‘Reports’ selection, and choose your preferences on how you want the report to run.

Sharing Reports

This new feature also includes the ability to share reports with other team members. Simply input your team members’ email addresses when adding a Report Job. With shareable reports, other data enthusiasts can take part in regular reviews of the data from Analytics4wiFi.

New Features in Action

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