What is WiFi Analytics?

WiFi Analytics is data captured through WiFi access points that can be used to inform and improve business operations, physical layouts, and marketing initiatives. There are two types of data collected over WiFi - presence analytics and marketing analytics. Data reported may include any or all of the following:

WiFi Presence Analytics:

Location data from your physical location, like footfall, heatmaps, and crowd size.

Behavioral data including new and returning visitor patterns, dwell times, and traffic patterns.

WiFi Marketing Analytics:

Demographic data such as customer name, age, birthday, gender, hometown.

Digital marketing data such as email addresses and social profiles.

The access to online behavioral data and targeted marketing capabilities has allowed online spaces to reframe the user experience, demanding that physical spaces keep up. Brick-and-mortar locations are forced to find ways to understand and engage with people while they’re visiting to predict behaviors, improve customer experiences, and remarket effectively.

WiFi analytics provides a bridge for businesses trying to close the gap between offline and online visibility into visitor behavior. Whether you're a retail shop, a two-day music festival, or an entire city, behavior analytics can reveal insights that drive your future performance strategies.

How Can WiFi Location Analytics Help My Business?

People do not live strictly online or offline. Increasingly, every user journey includes digital and physical experiences. WiFi Analytics helps you close the gap between your digital and physical locations.

Collecting the data is the first step. The next is analyzing that data to reveal insights into your unique traffic trends, behaviors, and preferences, in order to improve physical and digital experiences.

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With presence analytics, every step is data.

Learn how your customers move through your location. Where do they go first, where do they pause longest, and what space do they avoid or miss entirely? Presence analytics reveal traffic flow patterns and behavior trends in and around your location.

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Comprehensive dashboard turns data into insights.

A WiFi Analytics platform allows you to integrate collected data with existing datasets, giving you a seamless, holistic view of your entire operation.

How Does WiFi Marketing Analytics Drive Revenue?

Knowing your clientele — how they move on- and off-line, what brand messaging resonates and what's falling flat, which promotions work and which ... do not — makes your overall marketing more effective. Better targeting and better messaging means you spend less per newly acquired, or revisiting, user.

Smart WiFi makes gathering customer data easy.

Asking for a customer's name, email, birthday, and shopping preferences all at once can feel … a little pushy. A Smart WiFi system allows you to gather data across multiple touchpoints.

A Smart WiFi solution secures your network. 

Remembering and sharing a WiFi password is annoying, isn't it? It's also a network security risk. Lock down the backend of your business with a Smart WiFi system that includes a captive portal login. All the free WiFi for your customers, none of the risk for you. No more passwords. Ever.

Better customer data equals better marketing success.

The more you know about your customers — how they interact with your brand, what social platforms they prefer, what motivates them to buy and what turns them off to a sale — the better you can personalize and target your marketing efforts. WiFi analytics fills that information gap, with data unique to your customers and your business.

Venues We Serve

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Smart Cities & Communities

Get to know who’s visiting and foster relationships with residents.

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Sports & Entertainment

Drive revenue through sponsor ad placement and delivery over WiFi.

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Food & Hospitality

Grow social following, customer loyalty and user reviews.

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Travel & Transportation

Analyze traveler data and send targeted, timely messages to remain top of mind.

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Retail & Services

Boost sales with automated promotions and redeemable coupons.

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Festivals & Events

Connect with audiences in real-time with branded and sponsored content.

Why GoZone WiFi?

You own your data.

We believe data is a trusted contract between you and your customers. GoZone WiFi will never use, sell or manipulate your data in any way.

Unmatched customer service.

Our entire US-based customer service and support team is here for you. Your dedicated account manager will help you get setup and answer any questions you have.

Scalable options.

Needs change as a business grows. Our plans and pricing are built to grow with you.

Experience and proven success.

We were innovating digital solutions for businesses back when internet was dial-up. Our leadership team brings over 30 years of experience and success.

Hardware neutral platforms.

Your business needs aren’t one-size-fits-all. Neither are our platforms. Get started quickly with our hardware neutral platforms.

We're human.

More than just another vendor, our team acts as a dedicated business partner committed to your success.

Do I Need Additional WiFi Infrastructure?

GoZone’s platforms are hardware neutral. What does that mean? If you’re already using any of the below Smart WiFi compatible equipment, you’re all set.

Compatible WiFi Controllers:

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More integrations coming soon.

How Much Does a WiFi Analytics Tool Cost?

We designed our scalable WiFi analytics plans to fit venues from coffee shops to entire cities. Contact us for a price quote today.

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