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2021 Marketing4WiFi Training

Learn everything you need know about your Marketing4WiFi dashboard for 2021.

How to - Create Coupon Campaign

Learn how to create a coupon campaign, set redemption count, and  and assign coupon creative to a campaign template.

How to - Adjust Hotspot Settings

Learn how to adjust hotspot settings to optimize specific captive portal tools for your venue.

How to - Add & Edit Client Users

Learn how to add and edit additional client users for your Marketing4WiFi dashboard.

How to - Create a Smart Email Campaign

Learn how to create a smart email campaign from the email creative to the trigger rule.

How to - Use WiFi Marketing During COVID

Learn how to make the most of your Marketing4WiFi during COVID-19.

2020 ROI - In Review

Learn how to review the ROI generated from your Marketing4WiFi dashboard from 2020.

How to - Set Email Integration

Learn how to set an integration for a third-party email marketing platform.

How to - Review Reports and Insights

Learn how to review specific insights and reporting tools to optimize marketing efforts for your venue.

How to - Export Reports

Learn how to export reporting tools into a shareable Excel spreadsheet.

How to - Create a Touchless Menu

Learn how to use the Touchless Menu feature to create a digital version of your menu.

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