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5 Smart Ways to Use the Customer Data You Collect

Knowing who your customers are is a crucial part of building lasting customer relationships, but gathering the data is only the beginning. How you engage with your customers makes all the difference when it comes to earning their loyalty.

Here are five different ways to use the information in your customer list to increase customer loyalty, drive revenue, and see better results from your digital marketing.

Analyze Customer Data & Behavior

Analyzing the data you collect is the first and most important step to unlocking its potential. First-person data can reveal what your customers really need from you, helping you develop products and services that better answer those needs. Knowing what your target customer really looks like – age, interests, gender, communication preferences – is the key to delivering relevant messages and experiences to them to deepen their affinity for your brand.

Additionally, detailed location analytics can tell you when your customers are visiting, how often, and how long they stay. You can use this to inform smarter schedules and more efficient operations.

Collect Customer Reviews

Positive online reviews are crucial for brick-and-mortar businesses to attract new customers. In fact, 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. How can you increase your online review visibility? Use the customer data in your list to identify ideal customers and ask if they’d give you a positive review. Send an email, SMS, or other reminder directing customers to your business TripAdvisor or Yelp page. Chances are your previous guests will happily help you out with a little prompting.

Start Email Marketing

Like the saying goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Email marketing is still an effective marketing strategy to reach and engage your customers. Email marketing gives you the ability to send out well-crafted messages that reflect your customer data list.

Customer data can help you send more strategic email marketing campaigns in order to overcome specific business challenges. If you aren’t bringing in enough customers on a certain day, for example, send an email showcasing a coupon/deal for that day.

When building your email campaigns, it’s important to be direct with your messaging. Show your customers right away what you are promoting in your emails to get the point across and get readers engaged. Review your email marketing metrics such as deliverability, open rates, unsubscribes, time spent reading, and click-throughs to gauge how well your marketing campaigns are working.

Want to learn more about WiFi Marketing’s potential to increase engagement and revenue for your business? Read What is WiFi Marketing.

Create a Custom Audience for Facebook Ads

If you’re not using your customer data to create custom audiences in Facebook, you should be. Facebook Ads is an increasingly user-friendly tool to accurately target your past and future customers. Make sure that you identify the demographics in your customer data before starting a campaign.

Pro tip: Hyper-define your custom audience to ensure that your ads reach people that have a greater chance of making a purchase.

Focus on collecting the most useful information to communicate with your guests. Facebook requires a matching email address or phone number to get an average 60% to 80% match on your data. If you have access to more granular data such as age range, gender, and interests, you can define your audience to reach a very specific target market.

Send a Survey

The data in your customer will show you what the trends and demographics of your shoppers are, but it doesn’t necessarily tell you why those trends are happening. A well-constructed customer survey is a smart tool to figure out why you are bringing in a certain customer demographic over another. By crafting questions that allow customers to explain their opinions and experience at your business, you can get a better understanding of how the average customer views your establishment and act accordingly.

Are you ready to create more marketing strategies based on the data from your customer list? Let us help. GoZone WiFi’s Smart WiFi Solutions can ensure that your business is continually engaging, marketing and branding to your customers even when you are personally unable to. Take advantage of marketing tools that do the work for you. Contact us today for more information on how to maximize restaurant revenues with WiFi marketing. 


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