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Unlock the power of Smart WiFi

Transforming WiFi networks into revenue generating machines through deep analytics, customer insights, targeted marketing and advertising.

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The Smart WiFi Suite

Three powerful platforms that work independently or together as a suite.

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Engage with guests and promote your brand over guest WiFi. Then, use collected customer data to keep them coming back.

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Deliver targeted ad campaigns via guest WiFi. Generate additional revenue by managing your own ads – or let us do it for you.

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Real-time presence analytics take the guesswork out of growing. Review heat maps, traffic patterns, dwell time, and more.

Discover what Smart WiFi can do for you.

The people are there. Put their data to work.

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  • Traffic Insights iconCollect and analyze detailed guest data and traffic insights.
  • Drive Revenue iconDrive revenue, business growth and customer retention.
  • Start Growing iconStart growing and earning quickly with a user-friendly platform.
  • Build Relationships iconBuild lasting relationships through targeted and timely marketing.
  • Integrate Seamlessly iconIntegrate seamlessly with existing software and network infrastructure.
  • Experienced Team iconWork with our experienced team to find a customized solution to achieve your goals.

Case Study

BurgerFi serves up WiFi with the works.

In a single day at a single location, over 50 families redeemed a deal delivered via SMS and email to a targeted list collected with GoZone's Marketing4WiFi.

With GoZone Smart WiFi, we were able to get the BurgerFi brand in front of our customers’ options by retargeting them in an unobtrusive way.

No venue is too big or too small.

If there’s guest WiFi available, GoZone WiFi can make it a marketing machine.

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  • Smart Cities & Communities
  • Food & Hospitality
  • Retail & Services
  • Sports & Entertainment
  • Travel & Transportation

Anywhere People Connect to
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