A Loyal Social Audience Starts with Guest WiFi

According to a study published by Convince & Convert, 53% of Americans are more loyal to a brand that they follow on social media. Turning your store’s basic WiFi into a social WiFi marketing platform is a unique way to encourage customers to ‘like’, ‘follow’ and promote your business in the social media sphere. Below are the three specific ways that a social WiFi platform allows your WiFi guests to interact with your business’ social media accounts while they are visiting at your physical space.

Social Media Login through Guest WiFi

With normal WiFi, customers will need a password in order to gain access to the network. A smart social WiFi marketing platform provides guests with the ability to access your network by logging in through one of their social media accounts. With social WiFi marketing, you can give your guests as many or few social media login options as you wish.

Social sign-in options for your guest WiFi is a great way to gauge what type of social media the majority of your customers prefer. This is important for your social following, especially if you are in the beginnings of placing your brick-and-mortar business in the social media space. If a large percentage of your WiFi guests are signing into a specific social media platform, take advantage of those numbers by ramping up your presence there.

Login Redirects

A useful social WiFi marketing platform will also give you the ability to redirect first-time WiFi guests to a specific web page of your choosing. Take advantage of this marketing opportunity by redirecting guests to a  social media page for your business that needs an increase in followers and views. If you decide to limit WiFi guests to a single sign-in option, make sure they are redirected to that social media page to encourage a “like” and/or “follow.”

Have a social media account that already garners a lot of attention? Continue to keep the popularity going by redirecting WiFi guests there. Take it to the next level by creating a pinned Tweet, post, picture, etc. that promotes a specific product, special or event. That way, it’ll be the first thing your guests see when they land on your company’s profile.

Want to give your WiFi guests the opportunity to look over everything your business has to offer? Redirect WiFi guests to your website so they can view your different social media accounts as well as your hours and menu items all in a centralized location.

WiFi Email Marketing

Email marketing is still a useful strategy to engage with your customers, so add aspects of your social media activity into your email campaigns. Have an Instagram account? Link your Instagram posts into your email campaigns to show a more personal and fun side to your business. Promoting a special social media ad campaign? Link it to an email so your message reaches a larger audience. Or, simply provide social links in email footers to provide your readers the chance to follow you on in a more laid-back manner. No matter the angle you choose, tying your social media accounts to your email marketing is great for increased customer engagement, which in turn, is imperative for increased customer loyalty.

Have you been considering turning your basic WiFi service into a powerful marketing tool to help increase your social media presence? GoZone WiFi is here to help. With our uniquely designed Splash Page Editor, Login redirect capabilities, and Smart Email Builder, you can e offer your WiFi guests a variety of ways to engage with your business through social media. Contact us today to learn more about our Marketing4WiFi platform and how GoZone WiFi can help you become a social media dynamo.



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