Digital Marketing for Family Entertainment Centers

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Making WiFi Fun for the Whole Family

If you’ve ever lost your golf ball in a crocodile river, zapped a friend in laser tag, or accidentally rolled your bowling ball into the gutter, you’ve probably been to a family fun center. Generally, these fun centers are what the entertainment industry calls a family entertainment center (FEC). These kid-friendly venues are now more popular than ever in the digital era, and that’s in part due to integrating with new technology such as wifi.

Family Entertainment Centers Using WiFi Analytics

Whether it’s a local bowling alley or a national chain like Dave and Buster’s, many family entertainment centers have utilized wifi analytics to great effect.

WiFi analytics provide managers with data like footfall, average time spent per visitor and most popular areas. This is an invaluable gold mine to marketing professionals and shop owners alike.

It allows these businesses to adjust their marketing strategy, for example they can offer services in heavy traffic areas, advertise promotions during a slow time of day or reorganize their shop to grab more attention.

WiFi Marketing to increase UGC and social engagement

If there’s one thing young people know better than most, it’s social media. An exciting place such as a mini-golf course or a go-kart track will naturally make customers want to share what they’re doing with friends on platforms like Instagram or Facebook. All their go-karting, gaming and laser tag adventures will want to be shared and chances are they’ll tag the business in their post as well.

Offering wifi at a family entertainment center can easily increase social engagement. In 2019, user generated content (UGC) is one of the most effective marketing tools a business can use. ComScore ​reports​ that brand engagement rises by 28% when consumers are exposed to both professional and user-generated content.

Family Entertainment Email marketing for birthdays and group events

Invest some time in building up an email list. By creating an email list of current and potential customers, you’ll be able to quickly notify them of events and promotions. Especially useful is reminding customers that they can have birthday parties or group events at your venue. These large events can effortlessly make up a third of your companies’ business. An understated bonus is that email marketing can keep your companies’ brand as the first to enter a customer’s mind, this is known as top-of-mind awareness. The next time a parent wonders what to do for their child’s birthday, they’ll think of your fun center thanks to that email.

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