New Geo-Targeted Wi-Fi Service Turns Wi-Fi Into A Mobile Marketing Channel

Fort Lauderdale, FL – December 17, 2015 –GoZoneWiFi™, an innovative leader in ad-enabled customer engagement Wi-Fi services, announced today a new Wi-Fi managed service platform that delivers geo-targeted advertising so consumers can freely browse online with their mobile devices and businesses can connect to them while they are on premise or in proximity.

Different than other free Wi-Fi methods, GoZoneWiFi’s platform offers a new ubiquitous way for consumers to access Wi-Fi using their mobile device while on the go and receive relevant advertising that helps businesses build communities by serving up hyper-local advertising and messages.

GoZoneWiFi is building a nationwide Wi-Fi advertising network, market-by-market, from the inside out, giving consumers what they want most – easy to use, free access to Wi-Fi, while offering businesses the opportunity to engage with them.

GoZoneWiFi is recruiting ‘host locations’ around the country. A host often receives equipment and ‘headache free’ management services for free. In addition, the host locations gain protection of POS and credit card systems and time and bandwidth controls to help prevent ‘squatting’. The valuable service for building customer communities provides organizations with an effective marketing channel that delivers ads/messages directly to customers at the right place and time. With GoZoneWiFi, advertisers are reporting average click-through rates of 8.5% and some even experience double-digit click rates.

“GoZoneWiFi is a game changer that turns traditional Guest Wi-Fi Networks into a marketing channel to reach and engage nearby Wi-Fi users,” said Todd Myers, CEO and founder of GoZoneWiFi. “We turn Wi-Fi from what is often considered a commodity service into a reliable, powerful and geo-targeted advertising channel to connect a business with consumers when they are in or around that business or in the enabled community” added Myers.
About GoZoneWiFi
GoZoneWiFi is the geo-targeted Wi-Fi service leader that builds communities of loyal and engaged people for business and commerce zones by offering free Wi-Fi access supported by location specific advertising. Led by pioneers of the Wi-Fi industry, GoZoneWiFi is creating communities of ‘Wi-Fi zones’ for business and consumers to become connected, inspired and enriched. Learn more at


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