Post COVID: Why Venues Need to Collect New Data for Events

Post COVID: Why Venues Need to Collect New Data for Events featured image

The COVID pandemic over the past few years stopped events, concerts, and conferences in their tracks. With the world now moving more quickly towards returning to normal, events like sports and concerts have started to resurface on event calendars all over the world. Planning events while ensuring the necessary safety measures are in place requires new strategies than what the normal once was pre-COVID. So how do venues plan and execute a successful event post COVID? By collecting new data that represents the new normal.  

Data collection is at the forefront of many businesses marketing strategies, and venues and events are no exception. Collecting and analyzing data allows venues to gather insights into their audience and guests, making critical decisions to improve future events and gatherings.  

Any data previously collected pre-COVID may not be an accurate representation of their audience’s wants and needs now. To grow and thrive in a post-COVID world, venues need to revamp their data collection strategies to create an optimal environment for their audiences to ensure satisfaction and keep them coming back. 

How COVID Has Changed How People Attend Events  

With in-person events on the rise, it’s essential to look at how guests attending events have changed over the last few years due to the pandemic. People thrive on being around others and experiencing events that create lasting memories. Although COVID is not entirely out of the picture, how people attend events will look different than before the pandemic changed everyone’s way of life.  

Venues must adjust and accommodate guests’ needs to maximize their participation and engagement and reach their target audience through marketing. More people are looking towards digital options if possible to reduce exposure and limit the chances of COVID infections. The evolving needs require venues to incorporate more digital participation options, increased security measures at large events, and enforce rules and regulations to help ensure the health and safety of all those attending. To accommodate these changing needs, venues and marketing teams need intelligent ways to collect essential data on their guests.  

The Importance of Collecting Event Data 

The advancement of digital technology has transformed the way data collection is managed for events and gatherings. Venue marketing teams and event organizers who once collected data through participation numbers, attendance, and surveys, have now shifted into more technologically advanced data collection strategies. These strategies can provide detailed information on people attending events, allowing them to shift and evolve marketing strategies and improve guest experiences. 

Utilizing innovative tools like GoZone WiFi solutions allows vendors, venues, and teams to use guest WiFi services offered at events to collect valuable insights. Data that shows attendees’ behaviors provides a way to get the right marketing material directly in front of the target audience and evaluate what they like and dislike. This data collected can help review the guest’s needs and assess future event planning to accommodate them and make guests feel comfortable with returning. 

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