Setting Goals and Tracking ROI for Your Restaurant Marketing

Setting Goals and Tracking ROI for Your Restaurant Marketing featured image

A restaurant or any food service business is unique, so its marketing strategies are quite different from other businesses like retail or e-commerce. But in every industry, it’s crucial to be creative and cutting edge to stay ahead of competitors. Using strategies such as active social media, email marketing, and bulk SMS is popular, but it cannot be easy to ascertain their effectiveness. Ensuring that your marketing goals are met will always pay off in a great return on investment (ROI). GoZone WiFi has the best service offerings to meet those marketing goals.

Among the many features of the Marketing4WiFi platform, the Touchless Menu and Contact Manager gives restaurant goers a better experience, increases your loyalty and reach, and visibility into your marketing.

How can Touchless Menu and Contact Manager help you boost your restaurant business?

Touchless menus are the rave of the moment, and physical menus are now being phased out. Especially with the break of the COVID19 pandemic, this service is much needed in public restaurants. A customer walks in and can access the menu by scanning the QR code on their table. The entire menu is displayed on their device to place their orders.

Your business can use the data collated from customers who log in to the menu display for marketing and promotional offers. There’s also no need for your staff to be on standby as customers look through the menu and place their orders. Everything is seamless and easy, as the customer has direct access to meals offered by the restaurants.

When used in conjunction with Touchless Menu, the Contact Manager stores the data and gives you the tools to build new email lists, sort and filter these contacts for funnel targeting, and improve your email efforts that increase sales. And there’s so much more that it can do.

Getting started with GoZone WiFi’s Marketing4WiFi platform is straightforward and gives you instant access to the Touchless Menu and Contact Manager features. You can design your menus to have your restaurant brand’s look and feel.

How do I learn more?

Getting the best ROI from your restaurant business is not difficult; you only need the right partner to help you achieve your goals. Get visibility and statistics on all your customers and see your ROI and campaign effectiveness.

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