Automate Convention and Event Attendance with GoZone WiFi 

Automate Convention and Event Attendance with GoZone WiFi  featured image

As technology advances, many event facilities and convention centers have enhanced their resources to incorporate WiFi for guests, exhibitors, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, etc. Unfortunately, getting people signed up for these services has been difficult as processes have not yet been upgraded.  

Currently, these facilities and centers are still filling out paperwork to have an IT professional manually create login credentials and access profiles. For example, for an exhibitor to have access at an event, they must pre-purchase how many devices will be connected to WiFi. Exhibitors must fill out a form and pay by check before the event. The IT team will set up a profile for each exhibitor to utilize the WiFi.  

On the day of the event, the IT team must deliver the WiFi passwords to each user. If any changes need to be made during the event, such as adding more devices, then an IT team must get involved to make these changes. This process is time-consuming and not effective at all.  

GoZone WiFi recently announced collaboration with many convention centers and event facilities throughout the country to help increase revenue and offer a better WiFi provisioning experience with GoZone’s Smart WiFi Suite of guest analytics solutions. This offers many innovative tools for venues that hold events, such as self-managing and automating the onboarding of exhibitors, guests, fans, contractors, and all their devices.  

Facilities can also earn more revenues by selling sponsorships and advertisements that WiFi users interact with during the login process. Many facilities are also offering VIP access and collecting payments resulting in increased concession revenues. These features are all advantages of the Smart WiFi Suite. Exhibitors can also collect attendee data and better understand traffic behavior and how to accommodate guests in the future.

As a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company, GoZone WiFi delivers its applications over the Internet. In other words, instead of installing and maintaining software on premise, a facility would access it via the Web and the WiFi network integrates natively with all major WiFi hardware, allowing facilities to enhance their existing network capabilities without capital expenditures.  

Event attendee plans can be can be created by the facility using the highly customizable portal editor, a voucher and payment system along with a user manager portal. Attendees sign on to the WiFi network using the methods selected by the facility and can even be changed from event to event. This solution eliminates outdated processes and replaces them with digital ones that allow valuable IT resources to be used for more critical issues. 

GoZone WiFi is a SaaS company and leader in monetizing and managing Guest WiFi. The company offers business analytics, venue intelligence, and guest engagement using WiFi networks to deliver branded content, provide customer analytics, and display advertising. GoZone’s Smart WiFi Suite of products enables WiFi monetization through rich location data, marketing engagements, and third-party sponsorships. GoZone’s venue intelligence enables enterprises to strategically refine operations, bridging the gap between marketing and IT. 

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