Smart WiFi Provides a New Level of Customer Service

Smart WiFi Provides a New Level of Customer Service featured image


GoZone provides a new level of customer service through fast, safe and secure Smart WiFi.

Attract new customers and deepen the loyalty of your current clientele with a detailed, continually updated accounting of traffic patterns, buying habits and contact information. Social media integration adds the potential to connect your business with thousands, maybe millions of potential customers.

Automate the collection of data which directs you to the heart of what drives your business. Automatic collection of contact information (emails, cell, social media etc), purchasing habits and historical traffic in your establishment will be invaluable to management while making current and future decisions in order to operate efficiently and effectively.

Analyze and learn where to spend you resources, and more importantly what NOT to spend time and money on. The information the system automatically gathers will enable you to target the specifics that key the success of your business. The information will also alert you to areas where your businesses resources are being wasted.

All the tools needed to provide AAA customer service through GoZone’s hassle free, super secure, lightening quick smart wifi. This automated gathering of invaluable information will provide company leadership the opportunity to make the most informed and highly specific decisions that will drive your establishment to new heights.

The time is now too:

Build your customer base with knowledge

Gather more data automatically

Calculate your success with the efficiency of knowing what your business           needs are at nearly 100% accuracy.

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