How to Get Tremendous Results with WiFi Marketing

How to Get Tremendous Results with WiFi Marketing featured image

How can you get tremendous results with wi-fi marketing? Studies show people are presented with 1700 banner ads each month. And, that’s not counting the other forms of marketing, such as print and radio ads. In light of this deluge of advertising, what can you do to get your business to stand out?

If you currently offer free wi-fi, or you are thinking about offering wi-fi, consider wi-fi marketing. Wi-Fi advertising puts your business and brand, distraction-free, in front of a customer and get their contact information.

How Wi-Fi Advertising Integrates Into Your Marketing

Businesses offering wi-fi to customers are missing a perfect opportunity to get information about their customers and provide a secure service. Here is how it works:

  • The customer connects to your network. However, instead of entering a code, they sign in with their e-mail address. The splash page has your brand on it, without distractions.
  • Your GoZone wi-fi system stores the e-mail for future marketing use.
  • Once on the system, the initial page your customer views could be an offer on an exclusive product, a coupon for immediate use, or any message you want to deliver.

Your customer is happy because they are receiving free wi-fi and whatever benefit you add into the system. You’re happy because you’ve increased your database of customer information and you’ve presented your unique message.

If Information Is Power, This Is The Power You Get

So, what can you do with the information you receive from the log-in screen? GoZone Wi-Fi has a dashboard where you can see real-time results from the log-ins. It also:

  • Saves profiles
  • Tracks profiles, allowing your to learn about your repeat customers.
  • Lets you automate your marketing. The program can send automatic offers to people who haven’t been in your store for a while, send out announcements, or ask them to complete a survey.
  • Allows you to reward repeat customers with deals and give first-timers a special offer.
  • If you maintain a mailing list, if will automatically sync your growing list with your mail service.

The system is safe, secure, and offers secure web surfing to your customers. You can filter adult websites if you choose, and you can control the amount of time somebody is on your system.

Contact GoZone Wi-Fi to learn how smart wi-fi marketing can boost your sales, advertise your brand, and connect you with your community.