Drive Sales With Social WiFi

Drive Sales With Social WiFi featured image

WiFi is increasingly seen as a deciding factor for customers deciding where to purchase their goods and services. The need to provide this service is greater than ever, but it can cost more than simply plugging in a router in the back room. It can impact productivity and a poor user-experience can impact sales. Bandwidth is limited, and today’s multi-media capable devices use more data. For a positive user experience, you need to limit the use to your paying customers. A password seems like a simple fix, but it has to be given out by an employee, pulling them away from other business tasks. Social WiFi not only preserves employee productivity, it serves as a powerful marketing tool to monetize what used to be a business expenditure.

Here’s how it works:

  • Your customer connects to your secure WiFi. Our state of the art network security protects against device hacks while offering you full flexibility to block unwanted guests from using your bandwidth.
  • They are prompted to login using a social media account such as Facebook or Twitter. When they do, they can be prompted to like you social media platforms, enhancing your reach.
  • You have the ability to collect information from their connection (with consent). Through our fully featured dashboard with built-in analytics, you can track your demographics, identify opportunities, and promote your product.
  • These files are exportable and can be used to set up promotional emails, social messages, and offer in-store promotions during targeted times.

Contact us to schedule a demo. See what social WiFi can do to put your wireless access to work for you.