Utilizing Wifi For Retail Advertising

Utilizing Wifi For Retail Advertising featured image

There is no better form of retail advertising than to make use of your wifi connection!

Let’s be honest, these days people are dependent on their smart phones for so many things. Email, social networking, business, school and sometimes even home security are linked to smart phones. Giving your customers a  free and secure WiFi connection will not only help them, it can be a great avenue for marketing your store, your products and so much more.

Let’s break down how retail advertising works:

  • Guests connect to your smart WiFi. This is safe and secure, and your customers will appreciate, and remember, that there’s no need for a password.
  • Your logo branded log-in screen will appear. Here is where you can customize your very own message to promote your brand.
  • Guests have the option of logging via social media or email. Here is where you can direct them to “like” your own social media page, which is likely, since they are receiving a great service like free WiFi.
  • The guest profile is now saved to your dashboard. And boom! Now you have a means, via email, to send thank you’s, surveys, promotions, coupons, newsletters and many other forms of advertising and promotion for your business.

With benefits like these, how could you not utilize a great service – and great advertising – like GoZone WiFi? We have great rates and outstanding customer service, so you really have nothing to lose by contacting us right away. You may even find that by utilizing GoZone WiFi for advertising purposes, you can actually save money! We look very forward to hearing from you soon about your retail advertising needs.