Free WiFi for Users in St. Petersburg EDGE District Area

Free WiFi for Users in St. Petersburg EDGE District Area featured image

GoZone WiFi remains a go-to for people in EDGE District of St. Petersburg who need access to a free-to-the-public WiFi network. The publicly available Wi-Fi network covers areas from Martin Luther King Jr. St. to 16th St. and along Central, Baum, and 1st Avenue N.

The project was implemented in 2019 following a collaborative partnership between GoZone WiFi, along with hardware provider Cambium Networks and the EDGE Business District Association. It was welcomed by the Mayor of St. Petersburg, Mayor Kriseman, who thought it was creative and innovative.

The success of the project was driven by the passion GoZone WiFi’s own CEO Todd Myers, towards closing the digital divide in communities and made possible by our Smart WiFi Suite solutions. GoZone WiFi is committed to working toward pervasive, accessible Wi-Fi access for everyone, regardless of income or economic status.

Some advantages of having free access to public Wi-Fi in St Petersburg have included:

  • Bridging the digital divide in St. Petersburg
  • Connecting residents and visitors to local businesses and corporate sponsors
  • Driving economic vitality within the EDGE District
  • Canceling the need to use taxpayer dollars for all of the above


How it works

Residents and visitors get free access to Wi-Fi, while corporate network sponsors like UPC Insurance and Goldman Wetzel Law Firm receive digital advertising and marketing opportunities provided by GoZone WiFi’s Ads4WiFi and Marketing4WiFi platforms. These ads are displayed on the captive portal page, landing page, and in subsequent re-targeted emails.

The EDGE Business District Association, an accredited Main Street America™, and Florida Main Street uses these Smart WiFi Suite platforms to drive economic growth in its historic downtown corridor by promoting the district’s many amenities, eclectic businesses, and district-wide events. They can view traffic data to spot trends and analyze growth fluctuations and patterns. In addition, as guests log in to the public Wi-Fi network, the district can promote upcoming committee meetings, events, collect data through surveys, and even display emergency public health messages to users.

The collaboration between GoZone WiFi and Cambium Networks makes the network even more reliable, due to the quality infrastructure used. Regular maintenance is carried out on the network to ensure that it is always working optimally.

If you are in the EDGE District of St. Petersburg, FL, plug into GoZone WiFi’s free public Wi-Fi to enjoy uninterrupted internet access.

Becoming an adopter of Smart WiFi Suite as a company or a city can help eliminate some of the uncertainty about your economic future. Keeping people connected and informed about their options promotes higher income, and that is something that most businesses and local governments sorely need right now.

Contact GoZone WiFi today and learn about all the possibilities that you can claim to help stimulate your earnings with our Smart WiFi Suite.