GoZone WiFi Introduces New Form Fields for Guest Insights

GoZone WiFi Introduces New Form Fields for Guest Insights featured image

GoZone WiFi is constantly working to update and improve our product suite, and we excited to announce our most recent Marketing4WiFi platform update. February’s release includes a major enhancement to the form builder tool and how data is aggregated into a guest profile.

New Form Entry Fields for Optimized Data Collection

This new feature enhances the way the form builder tool can be used for collecting guest data. Now, certain data selections can be made that will be sent to specific data entries of a guest profile. The new form entry selections are as follows:

  • Email with validation
  • Mobile number
  • Post code
  • Region/State
  • Address
  • City

These new form entries are a smart alternative for venues wanting collect typical user insights but prefer to do so without using the standard social sign-in options provided by a captive portal page.

Improved Data Gathering and Sorting

The new form builder entrees is a powerful feature for venues wanting to utilize WiFi as a way to aggregate data that can be added to a CRM platform to build a customer list as well an email marketing platform to build a larger audience.

These new form entries will be listed when viewing a specific guest profile or exporting an Excel file of a guest connection report.

See Updated Form Builder in Action

Enough talk, click HERE to see our newest feature in action. And if you’re ready to make your guest WiFi a smart marketing and aggregating tool for your venue or for a client’s venue, Contact us today to learn more about the power of Smart WiFi and how we can help improve the way guest data is collected.

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