Are You Using Smart Wi-Fi In Your Hotel Marketing Strategy? You Should Be!

Are You Using Smart Wi-Fi In Your Hotel Marketing Strategy? You Should Be! featured image

People are seldom without their mobile devices in hand or their laptops nearby these days. That is even more evident if they are away from the office for any amount of time for business. The need to stay connected is greater now than ever before. As a hotel, you can help your customers stay connected to their business while improving your own. That is why you should be using smart Wi-Fi in your hotel marketing strategy.

GoZone Smart WiFi is an excellent addition to your hotel marketing strategy. By using Smart WiFi your guests will sign into your free WiFi service using either their email address or their social media account allowing you to collect your guests’ contact information. You will be able to easily send follow-up surveys regarding their visit or send them social media alerts about specials you are offering. The possibilities are endless.

With our smart WiFi service, you can connect directly to your existing accounts at MailChimp, Constant Contact, and other email marketing companies. This will make implementing your new smart WiFi service even simpler for you. GoZone Smart WiFi can also help you maximize a service you are already offering to your customers.  By selling ad space on your login page to other businesses you could turn your free WiFi service into a revenue generating option.

Another benefit to using smart WiFi in your hotel marketing strategy is the wealth of information you can gather about your customers.  You would be able to track when they sign in and how long they use your service, which would help you see when your busiest times are so that you can target specials such as happy hour deals or valet service during peak hours.  Our system also tracks how often your customers sign in. If a client hasn’t visited in a while you could even send them a “we miss you” email.

Our experts would love to answer any questions you might have about integrating GoZone Smart WiFi into your hotel marketing strategy. Together we can make your great customer service even better.