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Implementing GoZone WiFi Instead of DNA Spaces

Integrating a Smart WiFi system can have a positive impact on businesses in any market, bringing in more guests, providing actionable information to the company, and delivering and customized systems.

Although it may seem that all Smart WiFi systems offer the same thing with different branding, that’s not the case. We’re going to compare GoZone WiFi and DNA Spaces and show you why GoZone has the edge.

Get Faster, Less Expensive Startups

When you choose to add Smart WiFi to your business setting, you’ll want a fast launch that helps you hit the ground running. It’s hard to get that when you choose DNA Spaces. Despite being Cloud-based and having fast deployment, you’ll often need IT experts on-site to help establish your systems with DNA. That’s especially true when you require business-specific customization.

It’s important to note that DNA Spaces can only be used with Cisco hardware, whereas GoZone WiFi is an agnostic platform that integrates with all your data streams to provide a “Single Pane of Glass” for your analytics regardless of who your hardware provider is. This is perfect for businesses with multiple brands of equipment since you can then enjoy and reap the benefits of analytics.

GoZone WiFi also features lightning-fast system deployment with a preconfigured, “plug and play” Smart WiFi controller. The ease of use makes it possible to deploy without a full IT team, making it perfect for small and medium-sized businesses without dedicated IT. Of course, the Smart WiFi is perfect for large businesses and venues and help is available if you need it.

Each GoZone WiFi partner has a dedicated Account Manager to help you with any questions, and an experienced technical team is on standby for individualized solutions.

Custom Outcomes

The needs of every business are different. Although it is certainly easier to copy and paste the same solution to every business, GoZone WiFi customizes users’ experiences.

GoZone WiFi listens to its customers and can help build the features needed to make the Smart WiFi systems work best for your business. Customized elements of the service could be something simple like branded login and landing pages on the website.

Tailored solutions can also be a tad more exotic, including coupons campaigns, highly specific data collection, and tools to control how your WiFi is used by customers. In terms of customization, GoZone WiFi stands head and shoulders above DNA Spaces.

Mobile Dashboard

DNA Spaces can provide and integrate multiple applications that offer all sorts of insights into the business. However, linking them together and presenting the data that their customers need is another matter entirely. Users often find themselves shuffling between several apps to download and piece together useful data sets.

GoZone WiFi gives users a dashboard where they can check on every element of their Smart WiFi deployment, including:

  • Advertising Revenue
  • Current and Total Users
  • Age Groups
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Engagement
  • Guest Density
  • Heat Mapping for Traffic Flows

These are just a handful of the data that one can obtain through GoZone WiFi’s dashboard!

GoZone WiFi is an easy-to-use, scalable, customizable Smart WiFi system that provides a fully integrated and customer-oriented approach to the modern workplace.

Users can establish this WiFi system within their workplace as soon as they receive the Smart WiFi controller, and they can count on Account Managers and IT specialists to help them customize the services.

DNA Spaces offers a formidable product, but GoZone WiFi can simply do more.

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