Why MSPs Need Guest WiFi Services

Why MSPs Need Guest WiFi Services featured image

Managed service providers offer their clients a wide variety of IT services including infrastructure and security. Still, the MSPs that offer more varied products such as guest WiFi services to their customers tend to get greater returns.

Becoming a provider of guest WiFi services will help your business diversify its means of aiding customers which can then help you get more from your customer relationships. Learn how partnering with GoZone WiFi and offering guest WiFi to your customers can help your MSP and those you serve.

Improving Relationships with Clients

Although many MSPs focus on building customer loyalty, it is equally important to find ways to increase customer stickiness. Customer stickiness occurs when clients repeatedly come back to your business because of the quality of the product, great pricing, and knowing what to expect from your services.

Selling your customers on GoZone WiFi’s guest connections will provide further confirmation that your business only provides high-quality services, even tangential ones. Being partners with a high-quality service increases customers’ trust in your business and will make them more willing to work with you in the future.

Moreover, when customers witness the versatility and benefits that guest WiFi can have in the framework of their business, they will become further enmeshed with your service, making them less likely to seek other MSPs because you’re already managing their account.

Few businesses will consider swapping MSPs if that service does their IT, training, and services their guest WiFi systems. You’ll get a more dedicated customer and a recurring bill payment every month while your client reaps the benefits of providing WiFi to their customers.

Selling Guest WiFi Services as a Necessity for Cybersecurity

Providing guest WiFi is almost an expectation these days. Studies have shown that customers have a strong preference for retail and services that provide free guest WiFi. No business wants to put itself at a disadvantage by not providing this service, but few business owners know how to properly leverage their guest WiFi.

Not only is that a problem in terms of getting benefits from providing WiFi to customers, but it can also pose a serious threat to their business. MSPs that specialize in security understand the dangers of having their clients’ customers access the same WiFi as their employers.

Everything from bandwidth overloads to downloads of sensitive materials can happen on unsecured WiFi shared by employees and customers; it’s best to have an MSP establish customizable guest WiFi systems to enable balance cybersecurity measures with benefits for customers.

Helping Customers Analyze Data and Grow Their Business

Guest WiFi systems provided by MSPs can do more than offer your customers better WiFi for their business. GoZone WiFi’s marketing and analytics outcomes can be added to your customers’ WiFi systems, giving them valuable insights that can be used to grow their business.

From developing a captive portal login that gives them access to a plethora of emails and phone numbers to developing post-store shopping engagement, guest WiFi is a versatile tool that can be used to increase sales.

Delight your customers by showing them how they can leverage their new WiFi system to obtain:

  • Dwell times
  • Customer identification
  • Demographic data
  • Advertising analytics data
  • Secure guest WiFi
  • And much more

Every customer that is serious about taking their business to the next level will simply love access to swaths of information.


MSPs can provide customers with many beneficial outcomes. Adding guest WiFi services into the mix can deliver better customer relations, increase customer retention, and provide your customers with new systems that both help them and make them more likely to utilize your business for full services.

By associating with GoZone WiFi, you can improve your business and that of your clients. Take a few minutes to chat with GoZone WiFi representatives and see how becoming a partner can benefit your company.