Why Smart WiFi is a Necessary Tool for Your Automotive Business

Offering free WiFi from your automotive business is important to increase your customer retention. According to Business Achievers, around 70% of customers spend more time in businesses that offer free WiFi. But that’s just the basics. Now that you offer free WiFi, it’s time to turn it into a marketing automation tool to grow your customer base, build loyalty and promote your brand. Here’s how WiFi marketing benefits your automotive business.

Build reliable customer & prospect lists.

Business owners know the importance of having a customer or client list to help drive sales. Creating a list of potential clients with a solid interest in your product can be more of a challenge.  A WiFi marketing platform lets you create a sign-in page for your WiFi guests where they submit a form of information such as. phone number, email, or social media account. With this tool, you can build a prospect list of people who have actually visited your establishment.

Tired of trying to find out who is interested in buying a car from your dealership? With Smart WiFi, you’ll have a reliable client list for future sales, made up of people who have been to your dealership, car wash, mechanic or auto body shop, or other automotive business.

Engage with your automotive customers through Smart WiFi.

Engagement is critical to building an audience of happy, loyal customers. With a WiFi marketing tool, you can create simple and effective marketing campaigns to continually engage with your customers and keep them coming back.


Interested? With GoZone WiFi’s elegant Email Builder, you can create detailed emails to keep customers interested in your auto business no matter what specific industry it’s in. Learn more about our Marketing4WiFi solution.


A car wash business could create an e-newsletter with tips & tricks for washing the car at home. Give away one or two “trade secrets” to show you care about their vehicle and want them to keep it looking brand new even when they can’t make it to your shop.

Own an auto service shop? Create email campaigns that update your customers for check-ups on oil changes, brake pads, tires, etc. Offer helpful instruction on how to check the oil or tire pressure. Giving them valuable advice will help them extend the life of their car and encourage a strong relationship with your brand.

Offering deals and promotions to your WiFi guests is another way to engage with your customers and build customer loyalty. Send great deals on the newest car models directly to the phones of your WiFI guests. Promote your automotive service company’s loyalty program with specific email campaigns for guests that make multiple connections.

Want to learn more about WiFi Marketing’s potential to increase engagement and revenue for your business? Read What is WiFi Marketing.

Promote your brand when they’re connected to you.

WiFi marketing is great for promoting your brand to a large group of people without having to break the bank. Show off your company’s logo and products all from your Smart WiFi’s sign-in page. A detailed sign-in page can advertise your dealership’s newest models right to your WiFi guests. Positive reviews and recommendations are critical in the automotive industry. With Smart WiFi, you can redirect guests from your sign-in page to your business’s Facebook account and encourage your customers to leave a review.

Ready to rev up the marketing efforts of your auto business? GoZone WiFi is here to help.  Contact us today to learn how to soup up your basic WiFi into a powerful profit-generating utility.


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