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How WiFi Marketing Drives Revenue For Your Food Truck

There are thousands of food trucks all across the country, and many are serving free WiFi for customers along with their delicious fare. If you own a food truck or other mobile business and offer free WiFi, this blog is for you. Marketing through the guest WiFi you’re giving away now can help you build a loyal fan base, increase return visits and attract new customers.

Here is the full scoop on everything you need know about WiFi marketing and how it can drive customer loyalty and sales for your mobile business.

What is WiFi Marketing?

WiFi marketing is a tool that allows businesses to get to know their customers and build loyalty programs over guest WiFi. WiFi marketing provides businesses with the ability to execute a variety of marketing strategies, such as email marketing, data collection, and brand promotion. With these marketing tools at your disposal, you can begin growing your mobile business by connecting with customers and encouraging them to engage.

Smart Tip: Offering guest WiFi is not only an expected amenity at brick-and-mortar businesses;  customers expect to have access to free public WiFi no matter the type of venue. It’s also good business. By offering guest WiFi, your mobile business will have a powerful new tool to communicate with guests and attract nearby customers.

Want to learn more about WiFi Marketing’s potential to increase engagement and revenue for your business? Read What is WiFi Marketing.

Build a Reliable Customer List

WiFi marketing helps you to create a strong customer list by collecting valuable marketing data from your WiFi guests. A WiFi marketing platform allows your guests to access your WiFi network by providing their email account, phone number, or even a social media accounts. By collecting data from anyone who signs into your WiFi network, you can leverage a customer list of those who have actually shown interest in your mobile business.

Smart Tip: Provide social login options that are relevant to your WiFi guests. For example, food trucks should offer Facebook and Instagram login options because of #foodporn. Facebook check-ins allow users to share their experiences at new eateries – and Instagram is a sanctuary for foodies who we know enjoy sharing flashy photos of their meals.

Engage With Your Customers

Customer engagement is crucial to creating loyal customers. A WiFi marketing platform can create effective automated marketing emails to engage with your WiFi guests without you having to forego your regular duties for your mobile business.

  • Send emails to first-time WiFi guests that inform you of everything your mobile business has to offer.
  • Encourage repeat visits by emailing loyal customers incentives and promotions.
  • Create emails that show off your mobile business’s product line, pricing, and even schedules of where your next location is going to be.

With email marketing through your WiFi marketing platform, you will be engaging with those who have already engaged with your WiFi network.


Smart Tip: Make sure that your marketing emails are crafted with precision and care. People are bombarded with emails every day. You need your emails to stand out to catch the eyes of your customers. Here are 5 tips to help your email marketing be successful for the rest of 2018.

Promote Your Mobile Business

Have you been struggling to find a new way to promote your brand? WiFi Marketing can help. A WiFi marketing platform allows you to create a branded WiFi login page. Anyone connecting to your guest WiFi will be exposed to your branding, including folks in the vicinity but not physically at your business … yet. And they’ll get this branded login page every time they connect. Increase your brand visibility, promote your special deals, introduce new products and more, all from your personalized WiFi login page.

Smart Tip: Use your branded WiFi login page to stand out in competitive spaces. Taking part in a food truck rally on site at a festival or large event? Use your personalized login page to advertise your food truck to WiFi users and entice more attendees to eat from your business. Run an event planning business? Promote your company through the WiFi network to let business attendees know who put the big conference together. No matter your type of mobile business, a well-branded sign-in page is key to advertising and promoting to those who connect to your WiFi network.

Have you considered implementing WiFi marketing for your business? GoZone WiFi is here to help. GoZone WiFi’s Smart WiFi Solutions has everything you need to get your WiFi marketing up and running. With GoZone WiFi’ Sign-in Page Builder, Email Builder and Coupon Builder, you can create multiple materials to engage with you WiFi guests and increase revenue. Contact us today to learn more.

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