Smart WiFi Changes the Game for Outdoor Events

Everyone’s still itchin’ to head outside and catch some sun with a full month of summer to go. That means businesses that put on outdoor events are looking to make the most of what’s left of the summer sun. Remember that how you engage with attendees plays a key role in how they’ll perceive the experience. Elevate the experience to influence their decision to return to your next event. Consider offering extra amenities, such as Smart WiFi, to increase event loyalty and elevate the attendee experience. 

Why WiFi for Outdoor Events? 

The modern event goer expects to be connected at all times. I mean, if it’s not on Instagram, did it even happen?  The reality is, sending live Snaps, uploading video to Instagram stories, and tagging friends on Facebook has become a reason to attend an event in itself.   

Not all cellular plans come with unlimited high-seed data and spotty service is a reality in many public arenas with large crowdsOnce your network is configured, let potential attendees know that free WiFi will be available at the event, and you’ve just welcomed in a large demographic of streaming event goers. 

In addition to connecting and attracting attendeesguest WiFi can become a revenue-generating tool for event managers and promotersConsider this: In south Florida, sand-sculpture competitions bring in wild turnouts. Sand-sculpting enthusiasts from all over the world congregate on the beach to see breathtaking sculptures. By offering free WiFi access to guests, it encourages them to share the event on social media. That’s essentially free digital advertising for the event, which drives awareness of your event.. 

Keep the Engagement Going with WiFi Marketing 

You helped draw in a crowd with free WiFi, now continue to engage the crowd (and earn a few bucks) by turning your guest WiFi network into a marketing machine. 

smart WiFi marketing platform allows your attendees to quickly access the WiFi network by signing in with social media or email. By collecting social info from attendees, you can offer deals to your guests in return with trigger-based marketing emails. At concerts and festivals use real-time messaging to promote vendors, amenities, and drive app downloads. At a stadium, use the WiFi to send text messages promoting season tickets, team gear, and food and beverages. 

See how the world’s largest boat show used WiFi to elevate the customer experience. 

Gather Smart Data with WiFi Analytics 

Not only is it critical to engage with your attendees – understanding how they engage with your event space is equally vital to successful event activation. When considering placement of experiential advertisers and vendors in your event layout, don’t just go with your gut. WiFi analytics uses heat-mapping technology to harness data that would otherwise be a best guess. By monitoring foot traffic, flow, and patterns, you will find out exactly how and when people move through your space. Traffic data can inform site designsecurity placement and be analyzed year-over-year to improve overall operations.   

Do you operate an outdoor event business that’s in need of an upgrade? Do you currently offer free WiFi for attendees? Let us show you how to upgrade your basic WiFi into a powerful marketing and analytical machine. GoZone’s Marketing4WiFi and Analytics4WiFi platforms can help you increase marketing efforts, strengthen real-time engagement, and  provide data on how your attendees navigate and interact with your event, all through the WiFi you offer to attendees.

If you want to learn more about Smart WiFi for your outdoor event, reach out to us or even schedule a demo and learn  how tools will help make for a better experience for your attendees.

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