Touchless Menu Feature of Marketing4WiFi

Touchless Menu Feature of Marketing4WiFi featured image

Did you know your business could have the power to generate QR codes that will take your customers directly to a touchless menu, cutting down on contact between customers and workers all while saving everyone time?

Read on to learn how to obtain your own touchless menu feature and the benefits you receive along with it.

What Is a Touchless Menu?

A touchless menu is not too hard to imagine. Someone comes into your business and scans a QR code using a smartphone. The QR reader then activates the phone’s internet browser and takes them to a digital representation of your menu. That way, customers can see what you offer directly from their phones.

How Can My Business Get a Touchless Menu?

Although the process might sound technical, getting a touchless menu is simple! When you implement GoZone WiFi’s Marketing4WiFi system, you can configure the WiFi system to broadcast the menu of your choosing.

Simply sign up for the touchless menu, design it, add the touchless menu box, and you’re finished. The experts at GoZone WiFi can even help you set everything up. In just a short time, you’ll have a menu available for your customers. Then it’s as easy as printing the QR codes and placing them at your bar, tables, front window, or any other location throughout the business!

Benefits of a Touchless Menu

You might wonder why you want a touchless menu at all? After all, laminated paper menus have been commonly used for decades.

Touchless menus come with a lot of benefits that make them superior to physical menus. For starters, using Marketing4Wifi helps you create a captive portal for your internet usage, so customers that use your internet to view your menu have the option to log in and provide you with valuable consumer data. You can collect emails, names, ages, visiting frequencies, and much more from your customers.

Not only do you and your customers establish a mutually beneficial relationship from the internet connection, but the menus themselves come with several benefits.

Consider the following advantages of implementing a touchless menu:

  • You save money on printing new menus (you might want to keep a few for people without smartphones)
  • Your business can adjust information quickly and easily
  • Eliminate some unnecessary contact between staff and customers
  • Your team saves time from cleaning and passing out menus
  • The new menus are eco-friendly

With so many advantages awaiting those who implement these touchless menus, it’s easy to see why businesses are reaching out to GoZone WiFi to learn more.

If you’re ready to take a step towards eco-friendly, easy-to-use, and sanitary menus, then reach out to us today and learn how to integrate a touchless menu feature into your business. You can get better WiFi marketing outcomes along with a series of benefits with just a quick consultation and installation.