Upgrade RV Park WiFi to Increase Guest Satisfaction

Every RV park owner has seen a shift in their guests’ desired amenities over the years. If you are like most, then you know the most requested item (after running water and power) is the ability to connect to WiFi while they are in the RV park.

Not only is this something many guests want, but it can be a deciding factor between staying in your RV park and going to another. We are going to show you why you need a WiFi plan for your RV Park and how it will increase guest satisfaction and income.

WiFi is a Must-Have Amenity

WiFi is no longer nice to have when camping in RV parks, it is a must-have. The 40-and-under age group needs to have a connection to the internet no matter where they are. By providing a place to park their RV and access the internet, your RV Park will be more desirable and book more guests.

WiFi Solutions Need to Integrate Mobile Devices

Travelers now come equipped with dozens of smart devices from watches to refrigerators. You need to use a WiFi system that can cater to all these needs. Having access to mobile-optimized WiFi and the right bandwidths for all devices is just as important as the WiFi system itself.

Your RV Park Needs WiFi to Capture Digital Nomads

COVID-19 has turned more people into digital nomads than ever before. More workplaces are going entirely remote, and people want to mix their passion for travel with the chance to work from anywhere. Thus, a good WiFi system is needed to assist these workers and to make your location more attractive to users.

Upgrade your RV park WiFi to earn a return on your networking investment

You can get a decent ROI from your park’s WiFi investment in many ways. For example, your RV park can:

  • Attract more people with quality WiFi
  • Justify increased, competitive prices
  • Gather valuable contact information from customers
  • Establish a contact point with your users

The WiFi you provide is both attractive and potentially lucrative. We will go into more depth with this topic next.

Utilize Contact Information to Improve Your Bookings

The information that you gather from the people that use your WiFi can help you gain more customers and return customers in the future. When someone signs into your WiFi, they will have to enter an email address. You can add that contact information to add to your CRM, analyze visitor data, and remarket to earn more bookings.

You can leverage that data to target specific groups of people that have stayed at your RV park. For example, if someone has stayed every weekend in the summer, then you can send them reminders and discounts if they stay longer. The same idea can be applied to sending out offers to previous customers to entice them to return. You can turn your WiFi system into an effective means of marketing.

Upgrading your RV park’s WiFi is an investment that you should make for many reasons. The ability to have a captive audience on your network is balanced by the immense benefits provided to your customers.

Have your IT Partner, or you can contact GoZone WiFi to help with bookings and overall profit at your site!

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