Incorporating WiFi Advertising Strategies into Your MSP Business

Every Managed Service Provider (MSP) knows the importance of offering additional products to their customers. These items can increase sales for the MSP and provide a serious ROI for their clients. MSPs that serves clients with large venues can help both their own business and their customers if they act as a WiFi marketing reseller. We will show you how to implement this strategy as an MSP and the benefits it brings to everyone.

Why WiFi Advertising for MSP is a Smart Move

Integrating WiFi advertising strategies as a part of your MSP is beneficial in several ways. Not only can WiFi services allow you to give your clients better options for helping their customers, but you will gain a leg up on the competition. An MSP business that offers WiFi advertising can:

  • Gain a consistent, ongoing service with their clients while you gain recurring billing for managing
  • Use the WiFi advertising to sell more services to their clients such as email management, IT services, and social media marketing
  • Customized branding will give your MSP more visibility
  • WiFi marketing tools can function alongside your existing toolkits
  • The success of the companies you serve as an MSP will boost your success

WiFi advertising for MSPs can be an incredible way to garner new business and expand your brand. Some clients are better positioned to make use of the full WiFi marketing reseller toolkit, too.

How MSPs Can Serve Their Customers with Large Venues

Any MSP with clients that operate large venues can benefit a great deal from providing WiFi marketing outcomes. When you give your customers the chance to provide one-touch connections to the networks, they will get far more internet traffic and customers willing to provide their information for your marketing purposes.

The information that the stadium owners gain from hosting their free WiFi can allow them to gain a better understanding of the people that come to their large venues. With that data, stadiums can learn:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Interests
  • Number of visitors using their WiFi

With that data in hand, you can help craft services for your clients to help them design personalized marketing campaigns to increase sales and keep customers coming back.

Using WiFi marketing in conjunction with your MSP services will allow your clients to use customer insights to provide the best outcomes for their venue in terms of:

  • Creating a CRM database
  • Designing surveys to get data from customers
  • Determine the needs of the facility based on the users and respond accordingly

Working with customers with large venues can have a dramatic impact on your MSP’s ROI and can help you expand your brand.

Establishing a WiFi advertising strategy can be a major step for any MSP business. By helping your customers, you will be helping yourself. Getting started in this arena of business is relatively simple when your MSP aligns itself with the proper WiFi channel. It does not take long to learn how to offer your new services to companies and profit from the action.

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