Uplevel Your Business: How Much Revenue Can GoZone WiFi Generate For Your Business?

Uplevel Your Business: How Much Revenue Can GoZone WiFi Generate For Your Business? featured image

The top questions on your mind for your business are always how to increase the amount of revenue that you have flowing in while minimizing costs. How can you uplevel your business?  One question you may be asking yourself is how much revenue can GoZone WiFi generate?

The way that you as a public venue that is providing WiFi to your customers could use this as an added stream of income is by displaying ads.  You can uplevel your business with ad displays! There is no simple answer to how much revenue that this will generate for your business as there are a few different factors that go into this calculation.

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Number of Users

Strictly speaking, the number of customers that are connecting to your WiFi will have an impact on your revenue in the same way that the number of clients that come into your business can affect your overall income.

Ad Payout

Another factor that will come into play when determining how much revenue your business could expect to receive through WiFi advertising will depend on the amount that each advertiser is going to pay out.  This can be impacted by the type of business you have, as a restaurant may get different advertisers than a trendy boutique.  Your location may also play a role in this equation.

Advertising Opportunities

You not only will have the opportunity to generate revenues through WiFi advertising, but you’ll be able to advertise your own business for free.  You can let people know about your new menu items if you have a restaurant or to urge your clients to follow you on social media.  The opportunities here are endless.

Still wondering whether or not this is the right option to uplevel your business, and how to get a better general idea on potential revenue for your specific business?  Contact us today about how we can help you to start generating revenue through your WiFi.