Why Hotels Are Switching Over to Smart Wifi

Why Hotels Are Switching Over to Smart Wifi featured image

It’s no secret that good hospitality these days usually means free use of a host’s wifi. The two simply go hand in hand. But did you know that many leading figures in the hospitality industry are turning to smart wifi to build an even better relationship with their customers? That’s right, there’s a way to turn one-time guest into loyal regulars, without having to come off as overly pushy or intrusive. Here are just a few ways smart wifi helps business owners increase their customer/guest count:

Smart Wifi is Self-Promotion

This may seem a little obvious, but word tends to get around when a company or small business isn’t stingy with their wifi and allows anyone to stop by and use it. But did you know that smart wifi allows you to subtly promote your business while your potential clients browse their favorite sites?

It lets you gain new followers on your Facebook page by directing your guest to like your Facebook page and spread the word. With a smoother way to gain more followers, you’ll see an increase in revenue as the customers come pouring in.

Effortless Coupons, Savings, and Emails

The next convenient thing about smart wifi is the fact that it allows you to handle the other side of promotion and advertisement just as easily. With this system you can now:

  • Send automated emails to your customers, either saying you’d like them to come back or that you’d like to reward them with a coupon.
  • Provide hassle free surveys to guest and regulars.
  • Send holiday themed discounts and other treats that can spread the festive feeling all around!

These are a few things that smart wifi can do for you and your hotel or growing business. If you’d like to know more, feel free to contact us!