Use Email Marketing to Connect Online and Offline Audience

Use Email Marketing to Connect Online and Offline Audience featured image

Email marketing is frequently overlooked as a method of enhancing a company’s online and offline business. While some have characterized this form of marketing as too easily avoidable on the customers’ end, the reality is it’s highly effective when done properly.

The following is a review on some of the ways a company successfully utilizes email marketing as an effective tool to connect online and offline audiences to increase their potential for doing business.

WiFi Marketing Can Create a Surge in Email List Growth

The first way wifi marketing helps connect you to your online and offline audience is by working to help you grow email lists. Most of the time, when you are going to develop your email list, you require customers to opt into the situation. Asking them to join your email list may be possible if you have something to offer them such as exclusive email offers.

The fact is most customers will only tolerate a business sending emails if the communications provide information about upcoming deals, discounts, or valuable brand information.

However, when a business offers WiFi in their stores, the customer will opt into the email list simply by signing into your WiFi network. As a result, you can gather a tremendous email list with the full consent of your users.

Having a complete email list will allow you to connect with customers who are actively using your network. As well those who are away from your network 9provided they have previously connected). Add in proximity marketing capabilities, and you can send messages and offers days after someone leaves your store even if they do not make a purchase.

Communicate with Visitors

Having customers opt into your WiFi network gives you the chance to email them, but it can help in other ways, too. WiFi marketing is also especially useful when you are trying to communicate with current visitors at your location.

Once someone signs into your WiFi with their email, you can send a direct message to their email so they receive an offer that will make them more likely to spend money in your establishment. Otherwise, it is possible to send emails to customers a certain amount after they leave your business.

Connect Online and Offline Marketing Strategies and Increase Attribution

While the opportunity to grow email lists is useful, using email marketing can lead to the ability to increase attribution of marketing campaigns. After all, the question must be asked: how do you know the way your customers are using data? How can you ensure your email offers are being redeemed?

These questions are simple to answer when you create an email marketing campaign to connect to your audience. The data you collect based on your customers’ actions informs you about the success of the means you use to connect with them, email or otherwise.

All in all, developing an email marketing plan to connect with your audience leads to an increase in the number of people subscribed to your email list and will inform you about their behaviors. With such a direct means of interacting with customers available, you should consider developing an email marketing plan to increase online and offline interactions with your business.

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