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How to Get More (Valuable) Data into Your Contact List

Obtaining customer data is not difficult. However, obtaining valuable and actionable data requires both finesse and understanding of what constitutes as useful information to your business. By using a WiFi lead generation tool, you can get the data you need to flesh out your contact list, find members of your target audience, and automatically take care of updating their information in your database.

WiFi Can Help Customers Identify Themselves

Allowing customers to use your WiFi can help in lead generation in many ways, including having customers provide their data for you. When they log into your WiFi powered by a captive portal tool, the WiFi guest can provide valuable contact information into your captive portal system. When a guest submits their name, email, phone number and any other information, that all goes into a guest profile your captive portal develops for you. That way, the guests who identify themselves and give you actionable data can be re-marketed back to with the help of email and SMS marketing.

WiFi Can Help Tag WiFi Guests to Create New Email Lists

Another way WiFi helps a business with their lead gen is by using the information gained from their WiFi to create new email lists. Any time someone logs into your WiFi system, their data will go through your captive portal system. A smart tagging tool will “read” the information that is given to your system and help generate a new email list. The tool can add email addresses to your lists and then use the data to figure out which email campaign is most pertinent to the user. Smart tagging will give you a leg up in the world of generating meaningful leads for your company through email marketing.

WiFi Can Keep WiFi Guests Information Updated

How do you take new information a WiFi guest give you and integrate it into that customer’s existing profile? As it turns out, the process is not that difficult when you are using the proper WiFi systems. They can be tweaked to take the data from customers’ guest profiles and integrate it directly into a contact profile that will allow you to communicate with your customer directly. The process is nearly instant. Best of all, once a customer returns to your WiFi network, the information that they have altered (such as a new email address) can be automatically updated in your captive portal system. That cuts down on the amount of time you or your workers must spend maintaining your email lists.

Obtaining customer data for lead generation is simpler with the help of a WiFi network geared to helping you gather important contact information. With your customer’s direct contact information and data to help fit them in specific categories, you can gear your lead gen model pipeline to deal with people on a very personal level. Doing so will ensure you convert more of those leads into returning customers which results in more revenue for your business.

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