How WiFi Marketing Can Help to Boost the Intel of Your Business

How WiFi Marketing Can Help to Boost the Intel of Your Business featured image

If you have a brick-and-mortar location, you may have given up on customer analytics. These are only for web stores, right? Actually, WiFi marketing for your business tells you more about your physical location,  providing you with all sorts of analytics to work with.

The Landing Page

When people go to connect to your WiFi, it brings up a specific landing page. An email address is collected and then there is a lot of great information for them to take advantage of. They see it as hitting the jackpot, though it’s really you who’s winning with all of the analytics  you will get.

What needs to be included on the landing page:

  • Coupon
  • Rating
  • Email collection

Wifi Marketing Analytics

The analytics obtained from a custom WiFi landing page can be phenomenal. You can see what kind of conversion rate you are getting in the store based upon how many people have used the coupon. You can find out how you’re doing as a whole based upon the rating they have provided you. Plus, you have their email now, which allows you to send out newsletters, surveys, more coupons, and lots more.

The other side of the analytics is to see when people checked in, how long they stayed, and when they checked out. This can help you to determine the average time shoppers are in your store and what your peak times are.

In-store marketing campaigns can improve significantly when you have better analytics. It’s all possible when you offer  WiFi to your customers and take advantage of WiFi marketing.

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