WiFi Marketing: Two Reasons Why Its Right For You

WiFi Marketing: Two Reasons Why Its Right For You featured image

You may look at wifi marketing as a bit of a coin flip, but think again. Trust us, it’s right for you, and here’s a couple of reasons why.

wifi marketing

First, wifi marketing is a unique marketing strategy that promotes your brand through a safe and secure internet connection. When guests connect to your companies wifi, the first thing they see is your brand’s logo. This screen is customizable, so you’re able to choose the messages you want them to see. For those logging in through social media, have the message ask them to “like” your Facebook page or any social media outlet your business utilizes. In doing so, your business becomes center stage.

Another thing that happens when guests Connect to your wifi is: their profile information’s saved to your database. This provides an opportunity to send newsletters, feedback surveys, promotional codes and coupons to your customers. In doing so, you’re more likely to have repeated and new customers.

Secondly, with this unique marketing strategy, you’ll see which marketing programs work and which ones don’t. This Information comes from business analytics, meaning you’ll be able to spot trends within your company, and gather information about client demographics.

With this information, you’re set to give your customers promotions and coupons geared toward their needs and wants. By making their experience easier and more enjoyable, you’ll see an increase in business.

So, why not use wifi marketing to get your business noticed? Your customers get free wifi and your sales increase; a win-win situation. Now it’s up to you, do you stick with your current marketing strategy or do you jump on the wifi marketing bandwagon?

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