Hotel Marketing Strategy: Boost Yours With Free Wifi Hotspots

Hotel Marketing Strategy: Boost Yours With Free Wifi Hotspots featured image

Whether guests are choosing a hotel for business or pleasure, you can bet that they are going to need internet. Even on vacation, people want to know that they can connect with their loved ones, whether it be to send an email or to upload their latest vacation shots to Facebook, they want to be able to log on. And, for those who are combining business with pleasure, internet isn’t an option, it’s a necessity. Learn how to boost your¬†hotel marketing strategy with free WiFi hotspots.

Peruse hotel reviews on sites like Yelp or Tripadvisor and right there along with food reviews, cleanliness and decor you will learn which hotels have fast, free internet. It isn’t uncommon for people to decide against a hotel solely based on internet availability. And, they don’t just want internet, they want free internet.

Hotel Marketing Strategy

Hotel marketing strategy gets boosted with free WiFi hotspots

If you are marketing a hotel, adding free wifi hotspot to the list of amenities is a decision that will drive bookings up.

Getting More From Your Hotspot

But what if your free wifi did more than just make your guests happy? What if it drove more sales and increased customer loyalty? With GoZone wifi you have a tool that allows you to capture the emails of your guests, which means you can stay in touch after they check out. You can also create ads to upsell extra services, such as massage therapy, drink specials and activities.

Guests will be happy to have free wifi in your hotel, and you’ll enjoy greater control of your internet and powerful marketing tools that grow your business and increase profits.

Other benefits to GoZone include limiting bandwidth and internet access, securing your network and gaining feedback from guests with surveys. Not only that, but you can also grow your social media presence, encouraging guests to “like” your Facebook page or follow you on Twitter. Increasing social media engagement doesn’t just increase customer loyalty, it also generates new leads.

GoZone is your solution to hotel wifi and boosting your marketing strategy all in one step. Contact GoZone today to learn more.