How to Build Your Reputation with Valuable WiFi Advertising

How to Build Your Reputation with Valuable WiFi Advertising featured image

The goal of your advertising is to get your business and product in front of people’s faces and build your reputation. The problem is there is a lot of information and advertising on the web. You need to grab and hold your customer’s attention, focusing them on your business.

GoZone Wi-Fi advertising puts you in your customer’s hand,  in front of their face. An attractive, encouraging ad will keep them there for that extra second or two you need to make your impression.

How To Do It

People want to gain something from what they see on the web. Wi-Fi advertising allows you to customize your message for your business.

For instance, a coffee shop could tailor their message to recommend a particular pastry to go with customer’s coffee. Or, they could advertise their upcoming open-mike night. Here are a few more ideas for encouraging customer engagement.

  • A business could offer instant discounts for logging in from a social media page or with an e-mail address. This stimulates social media advertising and builds a database of customers.
  • A splash page promoting upcoming events builds the reputation of the business. The business seems less like a media platform for itself, and more involved with the community.
  •  A splash page for a local non-profit organization integrates the business with the community. A business connected with a local non-profit sends two messages, the message for the non-profit and the boost to the public image of the business.

The Sky Is The Limit

Again, people want something of value from their internet reading. Capture their attention with a useful or intriguing message.

If you haven’t experienced the benefit of wi-fi advertising, schedule a meeting with one of our experts at GoZone Wi-Fi. We have online consultations, so you don’t need to leave work or take time away from your customers.