How Proximity Advertising Works to Boost Visibility and Sales

How Proximity Advertising Works to Boost Visibility and Sales featured image

We live in a world where everyone seems to search for WiFi connections. If you offer free WiFi, then people are going to stumble upon your business. By taking advantage of proximity advertising, you place your brand right in front of people.

How it Works

Rather than simply allowing people to log into your WiFi, you force a log-in screen to pop up prior to giving them access. This screen is branded with your company’s information. It could be a simple welcome page, include sales, promotions, and anything else you want to share. It’s also possible to collect some information from them, thus building your subscriber list for newsletters.

The advertising works based upon proximity. As long as anyone’s close enough to find your WiFi on their list, they will have the opportunity to connect and then learn about your company. This means that they don’t necessarily have to enter your business – they could be next door or across the street, depending on how powerful your WiFi signal is. Your goal is to then entice them into your location.

The Benefits of Proximity Advertising

You need to promote your business all the time. By showing people details about your business when they connect to your WiFi, you build up your reputation. It’s all part of your branding – and you get more subscribers at the same time. This gives you a way of telling more people about you and being able to connect with them again and again.

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