Car Dealership WiFi

Car Dealership WiFi to Deepen your Connection with Customers

In the never-ending process of maintaining a correct and current contact list of your company’s customers, there are certain tools that you absolutely can’t neglect. Here are 5 main ways in which utilizing free WiFi zones are a must-have for your car dealership wifi advertising.

1) By requiring entry of a valid social media or email sign-in, you then have some form of continued form of contact or engagement with the customer, in the type of communication mode they’ve singled out they’re most connected to. This is of course invaluable for marketing, and in having the most up-to-date information possible.

2) You will have access to business analytics for your dealership. The WiFi system can save information that will be of value later, such as age and gender demographics, how long visitors are staying, and the number of new versus return visitors.

3) You can direct followers to “like” or connect with you on your various forms of social media. One of the saddest sites is a social media page with very few followers. If you choose to engage your customers via these mediums, it is essential you connect with them, and deliver the content they enjoy and that will further your bond with them on the loyalty level. Engaging them through offering a free dealership sponsored WiFi connection while at your place of business is the most seamless way to begin this process.

4) By using MailChimp or SurveyMonkey and other email marketing tools, you can stay in contact with these customers through the GoZone portal with great ease. This creates numerous other opportunities to get input from your customers for future service to them, and valuable knowledge for yourself.

5) The homepage for your WiFi log-in serves as a perfect potential for expression of your dealership’s brand, aesthetic, and a chance to advertise any thing you feel it’s important for them to know as they’re waiting for access. If you want to advertise a rewards and loyalty program, other coupons or deals, or simply introduce new services and items of interest to your customers, the WiFi landing page is a perfect opportunity to have their full attention and engagement.

For more information on this opportunity to engage your customers in one of the most effective and easy ways possible, please contact us today.


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