Stadium WiFi Arena Marketing Is Free Advertisement For Your Venue

Stadium WiFi Arena Marketing Is Free Advertisement For Your Venue featured image

If you operate a stadium or large arena, guests expect WiFi service. That’s where stadium WiFi arena marketing comes in. That’s a great thing to provide because, with free WiFi, more location-based posts will be made to their social media accounts than if they had to use their mobile provider’s data. Each post is a free advertisement for your venue, so why not provide WiFi?

Stadium WiFi Arena Marketing

One concern about providing WiFi at such a large venue is the cost. It takes a lot of bandwidth to provide service to that many guests, and there are always people who take advantage of free WiFi by downloading as much as they can at your expense. Another concern is keeping your own network security. You certainly don’t want your sensitive financial and operations data breached.

GoZone WiFi addresses those concerns, while creating a great marketing opportunity. You will control how long guests can stay connected and how much bandwidth they can use, keeping those who would take advantage from doing so. GoZone also keeps your venue’s network separate from your publicly offered WiFi, keeping guests away from your sensitive information.

Our WiFi also allows for great interaction with your guests, prompting Facebook check-ins, and rewarding them for repeat visits. You’ll be able to keep in touch with your guests even after they leave by letting them know you miss them and offering specials to entice them to come back. With our automated marketing tools, your venue will have a wide marketing reach, which is a great and cost-effective way to grow your business.

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