Business Marketing Tips: Smart Wifi is An Effortless Marketing Tool

Are you looking for business marketing tips? If you’ve been thinking about providing WiFi for your customers, smart WiFi will make your decision easy. Most of us have had the experience of accepting a company’s terms of service or creating an account to use free WiFi at various establishments. What many business owners don’t know is that login prompt is a great opportunity to actually expand your business.

Business Marketing Tips

Smart Wifi is one of the best business marketing tips.

GoZone WiFi provides a safe and secure WiFi network for your customers, and it also creates a great additional form of marketing for your business! When your customers connect through their social media account, they are prompted to post about it, as well as sign up for promotional emails. They will be rewarded for repeat visits since our system will remember them, and our network will retain their email for future promotional specials. Our automated marketing tools will make expanding your business almost effortless. Your customers will see your logo when they log in, and you’ll control what your login page looks like.

For example, in this recent post we shared how smart wifi makes hospitality marketing easier for bars and clubs. It’s smart for any business.

Our WiFi network also puts you in control. You won’t have to worry about excessive bandwidth use by people parked outside your establishment, streaming movies and downloading. You’ll control how much WiFi guests can use, and how long they can use it. You’ll even be able to block any problem users.

You also won’t have to worry about your business information being hacked. GoZone WiFi is set up on its own network, keeping your operational data secure and completely separate from your guest network.

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