Data Analytics in Restaurants: GoZone WiFi Puts WiFi to Work for You

As most businesses know, WiFi is no longer an amenity— it is an expectation. No matter where people go, they want to look at information on their phones, and they do not want to burn through their personal data plans. GoZone WiFi is offering restaurants, bars, and cafes an opportunity to provide WiFi and get valuable data analytics in return without compromising the business’ security.

GoZone WiFi Invites Customers to Stay

A customer will wait ten minutes or fewer before trying to log into a bar, restaurant, or café WiFi system. Customers will invariably spend more time at a place that offers free WiFi, and they will also spend more money on those premises. The unfortunate downside is that running these systems costs money. However, using GoZone WiFi’s software shifts the cost-benefit ratio back in favor of the businesses that implement it.

In short, the cost of providing guest WiFi pales in comparison to the revenue and engagement a company generates from the actionable data gathered by implementing the newest tool in the marketing arsenal— WiFi marketing.

Setting a Gateway on Your WiFi Connection

GoZone WiFi’s Marketing4Wifi tool provides customers unfettered and speedy access to a business’ WiFi. All they must do is sign in through what is known as a captive portal. Customers gain access to the venue’s free WiFi once they choose to enter the portal by logging in with:

  • Email
  • Social media
  • SMS
  • Custom survey

Not only does this login procedure protect your network from outsider incursions by limiting access to passwords, but it is the key to providing the company with information about the customers’ behavior on the network.

Gaining and Leveraging Actionable Data with GoZone WiFi

When customers use a bar’s WiFi through this system, that business will gain access to valuable data such as:

  • Identifying new and returning guests
  • The number of times a customer has accessed your network
  • Devices used to access the network
  • Most frequent WiFi Guests
  • Demographic data
  • And more

This information provides businesses with many incredible benefits and insights into their customer base. Combined with a contact management add on provided by GoZone WiFi, the bar can instantly develop profiles on customers to start effectively leveraging data analytics to its benefit.

The insights gleaned from the data can also be utilized in some of the following ways:

  • Implementing a rewards system for those who use the WiFi
    • Frequent logins could lead to coupons, extending the customer’s stay, and increasing the amount of money they spend.
  • Increasing engagement on social media websites
    • Social media engagement leads to new customers finding the business
  • Targeting marketing campaigns
    • Reaching out to specific demographics, such as age or sports fans, can result in increased foot traffic during prime times
  • Using the custom survey tool to collect more direct customer reviews and input
  • Developing a massive list of emails for marketing campaigns

Implementing GoZone WiFi’s system in any bar, restaurant, or café can help a business increase customer loyalty, offer their customers a great WiFi experience, and position itself to more effectively market to their chosen demographics. Adding this system is a simple, proven way to give businesses a higher ROI on WiFi, ensuring a mutually beneficial interaction between them and their clients.

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