WiFi Proximity Marketing: Optimizing Guest Engagement

WiFi Proximity Marketing: Optimizing Guest Engagement featured image

Proximity marketing is an increasingly popular means of engaging with customers in a business space. By utilizing geofences powered by guest WiFi, businesses can trigger an interaction with customers within (and around) the confines of their buildings by sending information to their mobile devices. Typically, customers opt into this form of marketing when they log into the WiFi network provided from your venue. Several possibilities for marketing exist with this setup, and GoZone WiFi can help you establish three major outcomes.

Using WiFi Proximity Marketing for SMS Marketing Campaigns

When you want to engage your customers and promote your business as they’re in your building, the most direct way is through proximity SMS marketing. Using this sort of marketing, customers will hit the trigger point in the building while accessing your WiFi. Once triggered, you will have the chance to send custom offers and pertinent information to your clients.

Many companies give their customers discounts or sales to ensure they make a purchase while they’re in the store, restaurant, hotel, transport hub, or other location. Other forms of marketing campaigns seek to raise awareness about available amenities, pursue enrollment in loyalty programs, and present surveys to gather valuable data on provided services. Each of these can be sent directly to the guests’ phones through SMS.

Proximity Marketing for Email Marketing Campaigns

While SMS via WiFi proximity marketing is a great method of providing quick services and gaining direct information, email marketing campaigns allow for a second chance at capturing your customers’ attention. Rather than focusing on immediate results, email marketing focuses on providing your customers with a reason to revisit your establishment in the future.

Common means of using proximity email marketing include:

  • Emailing customers as they leave an establishment to provide a survey
  • Sending email in a certain amount of time after leaving your establishment to offer a discount
  • Informing customers about new sales that are occurring soon
  • Sending information to customers that have not visited your establishment in a set period

Each of these uses for email is a beneficial means to increase customer loyalty, ensure they return to your establishment, and garner valuable feedback.

Presence Analytics and Proximity Marketing

Understanding your customers’ habits can be critical to customizing the marketing materials you send their way. Thus, presence analytics is a means of using the visitors’ device MAC address to identify the frequency with which they visit your location. This data is gathered anonymously, only considering the device’s presence when it enters the geofence of your guest WiFi. Presence analytics can determine:

  • Traffic density broken down in hours
  • Average visit duration broken down in minutes and hours
  • Track guest visits when they enter the geofence
  • Track guest departures when they leave the geofence

With this data at your fingertips, you can customize the marketing materials you send to your customers, giving you a much better chance at converting them on sales or getting them to take the desired action.

Proximity marketing has the potential to completely transform the way you consider customer outreach. This surgical approach to marketing will appeal to your customers, ensure more frequent positive outcomes, and comes with a high ROI. Consult GoZone WiFi to set up your establishment to increase your guest engagement and provide a better experience for everyone.

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