Email Tactics to Bring Customers Back After the Holidays

Email Tactics to Bring Customers Back After the Holidays featured image

Special email marketing efforts don’t need to just be for the holiday season. We know that during and post-covid the sales season won’t go dead after the holidays with shopping being mostly online, so keep your brand in the front of your contact’s minds. Below we’ll explore 5 tactics to bring customers back after the holidays over and over for years to come.

You should not wait for customers to come back naturally, though. The wisest choice to bolster sales in this season is to use email marketing to re-ignite customer interests. Let us show you how!

1. Inform Customers About Changes Since Their Last Visit

If you’ve been utilizing GoZone WiFi’s Marketing4Wifi platform, then you can look at your email list to see when the last time your customer patronized your business. Most of the time, you’ll have something new to show them since their most recent visit.

What are your latest offers? Do you wish to remind your customers of your most popular promotions? Is the new year going to bring changes for your company? Tell your customers what to expect the next time they use your business.

2. Get Clients Excited for New Products

The post-holiday season is a great time to offer new products to your customers. Although some customers will be a little hesitant to spend money, a great new product can make them consider your offer.

Whether you’re selling software or shoes, an email to your customers can excite your customers and lead them back through your doors. Even if your company doesn’t have something to sell right away, it’s never a bad time to make a product announcement and take pre-orders during this time of year for many reasons, one of them being gift cards.

3. Remind Your Customers to Use Their Gift Cards

People rack up tons of money in gift cards over the holidays. Whether customers have obtained gift cards from your business or have general gift cards for purchases anywhere, they will be looking to spend them rather than hold onto them forever.

Your post-holiday email marketing campaign could specifically mention how customers can use their holiday gift cards to purchase new and existing products or even pre-order new products you’re launching soon. With all the holiday hustle and bustle, some people will forget about their gift cards until you remind them.

4. Supply Chain Issues Have Affected Everyone; Provide Updates

Businesses are having trouble keeping products in stock for a multitude of reasons. If your business has been affected by stock problems, then use your email marketing to provide updates for your customers.

You should have already issued emails to those already waiting on products, but you may also use this new email campaign to tell all your customers when highly desirable products are back on the shelves.

Not only will customers that forgot about the item or gave up finding it flock to your store, but they will also look at every subsequent email you send them in hopes of getting another valuable notice.

5. Take your new contacts into consideration going into the new year

Examine the contacts you acquire this holiday season and adjust your future campaigns to reflect this target audience. We know this sounds obvious, but there are other popular holidays in Q1 that could warrant their own campaigns, and this is the perfect time to adjust and optimize your email marketing practices to better mold to the latest version of your email list.

Ensuring that you adjust your strategies to mold to the demographics, interactions, and purchases your new contacts make will allow you to create new segments and target them with personalized and automated emails about similar products.

If you’re finding that your email practices and strategies aren’t as effective at driving sales as you’d like them to be, take a few minutes to contact reps at GoZone WiFi and talk to them about your email marketing needs.

GoZone WiFi’s powerful Marketing4WiFi will boost the capabilities of your WiFi system and help you establish an email list loaded with your customers’ information so you can bring customers back after the holidays.