3 Easy Ways to Encourage Customers to Access Your Wifi Hotspot

3 Easy Ways to Encourage Customers to Access Your Wifi Hotspot featured image

We could have come up with 17 complicated ways to encourage customers to access your WiFi hotspot, but we thought better of it. Instead, here are three easy ways to do it!

Quick Authentication Means More Users

No one wants to spend a great deal of time in attempting to utilize a WiFi connection. In this fast paced world, people want the handy in and out option that is becoming readily available in many venues. By providing an authentication process that is quick and easy, you will gain many more users. You could even allow the option of logging in by using social media credentials.

Rewards and Incentives For New And Returning Customers

Offering a particular incentive for using your WiFi connection is another valuable tool for increased customer participation. For instance, you could offer a discount on your products or even a freebie of some sort. When the ends justify the means, you can count on increased traffic and all the benefits that come with it!

Customized Incentives Based On Statistics

By taking into consideration your hit statistics, you can tailor rewards based on visitor specifics. For instance, if you notice that WiFi users are only signing in once, you can send a special offer for a second purchase that is likely to lure them back. If your statistics tell you that at your clothing shop, most of your patrons are female, you would do well to offer discounts on female clothing items more so than male.

Simply figuring out the prominent behavior patterns of your target audience will give you an upper hand in gaining their interaction. Having a splash page that is tailored to that audience can mean that they are more likely to access your WiFi hotspot again and again.

For more information on specifics regarding WiFi accessibility for your business please feel free to contact us today. We look forward to serving you!