5 Top Features You Need for Your Hotspot

5 Top Features You Need for Your Hotspot featured image

So you have taken the plunge and decided to invest in a wifi hotspot for your business – congratulations! Now that you have, here are five features you won’t want your network to be without.

Remote management

There is no way you are going to be able to stay at your business all day every day to monitor your hotspot’s every access point. Remote management allows you to keep an eye on them from different locations. The right management system will also send you email alerts within seconds of an access point going down and let you check its status as soon as you are alerted. Your network’s users are never without access for longer than they have to be.

Guest access

Different types of users will access your network for different reasons. Setting your network up for varying SSIDs (guest versus staff or student versus admin versus guest, for example) will help users to more effectively utilize your network.

Social login

Have you thought about allowing guests to access your network by signing in with one of their social media accounts? The range of benefits in this is huge. Besides establishing the user type on your hotspot, users signing in on social media often raise the visibility of your location and your business when they check in online.

Wifi Marketing

Once a user is on your network, you have a captive data pool to collect from. You can utilize it to help determine your current customers’ demographics as well as create marketing campaigns better directed to them and their interests.

Couponing System

If there is free wifi, people will come. Putting a couponing system in place lets you control how much access users get for free and what actions should take to receive continued access once that time is up. Whether they are buying more time, posting on social media about you, or purchasing one of your products in order to get it is up to you, but this will help keep people from taking too much advantage of you.

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