Get Free Advertising With Community WiFi Zones

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In today’s world, everyone is connected. Smartphones, tablets, and computers are hardly not within arms reach, and with cell phone carriers often charging outrageous prices for more data or throttling data speeds, public WiFi is often appreciated greatly. Did you know you can get free advertising just by using community WiFi zones?

Offering community wifi zones for large areas is a great way to build a consumer base, because the devices don’t get put down when large crowds are gathered.

get free advertising

But what if you could get advertisement repayment in return for people using your internet? Well, with GoZone WiFi, that’s exactly what happens, and it still won’t charge your users a dime in real cash.

Get Free Advertising With Community WiFi Zones

Often at places such as sporting events, concerts, shopping centers, and other places that include large gatherings of people, cell phones are in full effect posting pictures to social media, sending Snapchats to friends, and checking up on the latest news on social media.

In addition to that, places such as parks and farmers markets can be locations that attract high-volume WiFi users. All of these places are optimal for community WiFi.

While providing free WiFi leads to happier customers, you can also get some revenue out of doing just that. With GoZone WiFi, your customers log in with their email or social media when they log into their WiFi. This provides you, the WiFi provider, with their email for possible follow-up correspondence.

These can be used for a number of things including collecting surveys, following up on their visit, and even offering outside advertisers the opportunity to put their logo on the log-in page are all viable options for getting free advertising and even making revenue off of advertisements.

If you have any questions about implementing a community WiFi that can also help generate advertisement revenue, contact us today!