The Smart Wifi for Restaurant Marketing is GoZone Marketing

The Smart Wifi for Restaurant Marketing is GoZone Marketing featured image

It seems that everywhere you go now-a-days people want to stay connected. Whether it be through your tablet, smart phone, or even personal laptop. People want to be “in the know.” But with rate plans today at an all time high, while maximizing the amount of data a person or family can use, staying connected may not always be possible. That’s why there’s wifi for restaurant marketing.

Luckily for you, GoZone Wifi could be your way out; or should we say “in!”

GoZone Wifi offers affordable plans to business owners, specifically for restaurant marketing, in order to provide them a service which will in turn benefit the customers of said business.

With GoZone Wifi, the business can;

  • Shows ads and coupons
  • Collect email addresses
  • Gain social media followers

Why is that so important?

Businesses should always be looking to improve their services to better suit the customers’ needs and desires. By providing them access to a FAST Wifi Hot Spot, you are creating a relationship with that customer every time he or she logs in.

By providing the customer with relevant digital coupons, you have not only allowed them to receive their meal at a discounted rate, but you may have also gained some form of trust. And trust through customer loyalty is something that doesn’t come easily, as many start-up companies come to find out the hard way.

What if my customers don’t want to provide their email address?

That’s easy, make it optional. A lot of people don’t like receiving spam e-mails every single day from random companies that they may have only gone to once or twice.

In addition to collecting e-mails and providing relevant coupons and advertisements to your customers, you can also increase your social media followers with GoZone Wifi!

Overall, GoZone Wifi has a product that can fit your restaurant customers’ needs. And you know what they always say, “The customer is always right.”

Want to get more information or even take your business to the “next level”, contact us today and we will be more than happy to assist.