GoZone WiFi Is Selected As Official Wi-Fi Analytics Partner For Wi-Fi NOW

The world’s leading Wi-Fi industry media and advisory organization Wi-Fi NOW is teaming up with St. Petersburg, Florida-based Wi-Fi analytics experts GoZone WiFi to promote the adoption of world-class Wi-Fi analytics everywhere. The responsible use of data gleaned from venue Wi-Fi services is an increasingly important source of insight into consumer behavior. GoZone WiFi becomes Wi-Fi NOW’s official Wi-Fi analytics partner for 2020.

“There are precious few companies who offer the right tools and really know how to extract value from Wi-Fi analytics, and we believe GoZone WiFi (GoZone) represents this industry’s most comprehensive vendor-independent option right now. As Wi-Fi begins to conquer more territory with Wi-Fi 6 and new 6 GHz bands, the value of Wi-Fi analytics as a source of marketing data will increase,” says Claus Hetting, CEO & Chairman of Wi-Fi NOW.

In addition to Wi-Fi analytics, GoZone delivers guest intelligence, advertising, and marketing automation as a part of their solution package. As a flagship example of the service, GoZone recently announced deployment of its analytics platform at the newly opened American Dream Megamall in New Jersey together with partner Safari Event Services.

GoZone provides intelligent Wi-Fi analytics to practically any type of public or semi-public venue with Wi-Fi service, including schools and campuses, cities, shops, restaurants, hotels, and more. One strength of the solution is that it can be adapted and customized to fit the specific needs of venue owners and operators, the company says.

“Our partnership with Wi-Fi NOW is exciting because it signifies our continued commitment to leading the Wi-Fi analytics industry by bringing venues the data and engagement solutions they’re looking for,” says Todd Myers, GoZone CEO. GoZone offers features including presence analytics, advanced captive portals, access controls, digital advertising, automated marketing campaigns, social media engagement, and much more. For more information visit GoZone’s website here to study some excellent reference material and guidelines or contact GoZone directly via this email address.

During the year Wi-Fi NOW will be working with GoZone to disseminate cutting-edge information on the effective application of Wi-Fi analytics for business growth. Wi-Fi NOW is also delighted to announce that the GoZone team will be speaking at the Wi-Fi World Congress in San Francisco May 12-14 as well as at the Wi-Fi World Congress in the Hauge, Netherlands on November 17-19, 2020.

For more about Wi-Fi NOW see www.wifinowglobal.com.


About Wi-Fi NOW Events

GoZone is excited to announce that we will be sponsoring, exhibiting, and speaking at the leading global Wi-Fi event, Wi-Fi NOW, in the US and Europe. Attending this year’s expo is Todd Myers (CEO), Wayne Newton (VP of Channel Partnerships), and Ed Whitesell (VP of Technology). The 2020 conference and expo will be held in San Francisco on May 11 – 14.

Wi-Fi NOW is a three-day event with the goal of making high-quality, high-performance WiFi available everywhere, for everyone. All attendees of Wi-Fi NOW come with the mindset to promote, support, and showcase all the opportunities the industry has to offer. GoZone WiFi is proud to be a sponsor, exhibitor, and speaker at this highly regarded event.

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