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Guest WiFi Turns Visitors into POS System Sales

Providing guest WiFi gives businesses a way to create a captive audience for marketing. By properly leveraging the full capabilities of a quality guest WiFi system, your business can funnel customers towards making purchases at an integrated POS system.

Ultimately, you’ll obtain customers, delight them with offers, finish an order, and follow up with clients in an effective, fluid way.

What is Guest Wi-Fi?

A guest WiFi system is a secondary access point on your network system to which guests can connect. In the context of business, guest WiFi is the wireless internet that your customers connect to rather than your company’s personal network.

This separate gateway can direct customers to specific pages, provide your business with valuable data, and allow you to schedule marketing campaigns. In short, properly utilized guest WiFi can be the difference between just another passerby and a customer.

What is Wi-Fi Marketing?

Guest WiFi systems are multi-faceted, providing a direct path for advertising to users while simultaneously gaining actionable information from them.

Signing into a guest WiFi system requires the user to provide data, such as:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Date of birth

WiFi marketing uses that information to send clients general and customized offers while also creating a profile for that user.

So, what is WiFi marketing? It’s a system that both gives and takes information from a business to draw in customers, impress them and win them over, and then direct them to a company’s POS system to finish the sale and guarantee repeated transactions.

What are the Benefits of WiFi Marketing?

By viewing WiFi marketing as a system that draws in, delights, wins over, and encourages customers, it’s easy to see where the benefits of this type of marketing emerge.

From the moment customers sign into your guest WiFi, they will be subject to your advertising whims. For starters, WiFi marketing gives businesses a platform for advertising by turning the WiFi homepage into a digital billboard that advertises directly to them.

As your system continues to gain the personal data of the users, your business can generate profiles to aid in specific WiFi marketing campaigns. You’ll have the opportunity to integrate aspects from your POS system into this marketing campaign, too.

Your guest WiFi system could identify your customer’s habits and set a trigger for an offer to appear at the POS system. For example, if a repeat customer comes into the store and makes a purchase, your system could trigger an offer that provides them 20% off on their sale if they meet a certain condition.

Your business could use that to increase outright sales by requiring a higher purchase amount or it could make customers sign up for your email service to get that coupon, giving you more information to use in the future. Both of those measures, and the multitude of others available, give your business options to get more out of your interactions with customers.

Integrating marketing and guest WiFi systems can drive sales, provide customer insights, and facilitate better promotions for your entire business. GoZone WiFi’s powerful Marketing4WiFi provides companies like yours with a highly customizable, effective marketing portal.

Trying to get create an effective digital captive portal that results in better sales might seem daunting, but GoZone WiFi can help you establish the systems you need to get the results you want.

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