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SMS Marketing: A Guide to Text Message Marketing

Most of us know and use SMS, colloquially known as text messaging, and that it is still a prevalent form of transmitting short messages between people. New technologies and services have emerged to improve the idea, but SMS is an out-of-the-box standard that works on every mobile device.

For this reason, SMS has become a beneficial tool for companies trying to market their products and business to new and potential customers. Look at this essential guide to SMS marketing and see why it could be right for you.

What is SMS marketing, and how does it work?

In a nutshell, SMS marketing (a.k.a. text marketing) uses short, text-only messages to reach out to customers. Businesses can increase customer awareness by implementing text marketing, offering customers specific offers, and boosting sales.

SMS marketing works by collecting customers’ phone numbers and adding them to a more extensive database that shows where they are in the sales funnel. Some customers represent repeated sales and only need a reminder to make another purchase, but others need more attention and information before making a purchase.

A significant part of text marketing is that it lets you reach those people in a personal and accessible way— their phones.

Why is SMS marketing important?

Text marketing is a necessary form of promotion because smartphones are a straightforward, personal way to contact potential customers. Think about it: most people do not answer their phone when it rings, and they’ll only check their emails at specific intervals, but they will always look to see who texted them. Even for a few seconds, you have the undivided attention of your client with a simple text.

Is SMS part of digital marketing?

Yes, SMS marketing falls under the giant umbrella of digital marketing. This is a particular, customizable niche that requires special attention to the direction of the marketing campaign.

Is text marketing effective?

The efficacy of text marketing has been researched extensively, and the results are positive. Consider some of the critical factors that make this form of marketing so beneficial:

  • SMS advertisements are opened over 90% of the time
  • Clients can communicate directly to the business with questions by responding to the SMS
  • SMS ads are accessible to market to specific population subsets
  • SMS marketing is ‘timeable.’

These are just a few of the elements that make text marketing effective.

Components of an SMS marketing strategy

Text marketing is broadly categorized as:

  • Campaign-based: alerts about coupons and promotions
    • For existing and potential customers
  • Transaction-based: specific messages to individuals or a small group
    • For existing customers who have recently completed a purchase

What does a text marketing strategy look like? Some of the component pieces include:

  1. Opting into the message service
  2. Forming complementary channels with text and email marketing
  3. Tweaking the message to be short and impactful
  4. Timing the message

These elements of the SMS strategy make it easy to see what the overall format looks like.

How much does SMS marketing cost?

The cost of an SMS marketing campaign varies depending on many factors. One company could go for a primary marketing campaign, while another might seek a comprehensive, multi-faceted plan.

The costs for text marketing could be a few cents to send hundreds of messages and develop the marketing plan. To contextualize the expenses, remember that the prices are comparable to email marketing campaigns.

Using the right company to manage your SMS marketing is more important than looking at the bare costs. GoZone Wifi’s SMS marketing is powered by intelligent WiFi and provides their customers with personalized SMS messages, scheduled and triggered campaigns, digital SMS coupons, and wide-ranging customizability.

Contact GoZone WiFi today to see how SMS marketing can benefit you!

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